True colors

Not in my back yard!

Uber-liberal* George Lucas, thwarted in his plans to build a film studio on his 6,0000 acre ranch in Marin County, announces that he’s selling the whole place to a developer of low-income housing. His liberal neighbors go nuts.

Marin County residents have long been famous for both advocacy for the poor and punitive zoning and environmental regulations protecting their own homes’ value, with the result that there are no poor folk squatting on the country’s most expensive real estate. Given an opportunity to show that they really do love the poor, instead of a desire to see untermenschen forced to live in a galaxy far, far away, it was no contest. Liberal claptrap vs. property values? The match lasted three seconds.

* how liberal? A billionaire foe of capitalism: “[America] is a country built on greed.”

He contributes heavily to the Democrats and has never given a conservative a dime (neither did Steve Jobs, according to this same compilation but Jobs never to my knowledge sought to punish his liberal neighbors by moving in a community of winos and addicts).

Most egregiously, he re-edited Star Wars 20 years on so that Han Solo, a hero in the original version, becomes a panty-waist gun control advocate who shoots the bounty hunter  (sorrowfully, with regret and despite a deep respect for all life, alien or otherwise) only after the hunter shoots first.

(UPDATE: Aw, thanks, Perfesser! – 2,000 8,793 18,000 + new viewers after his link to here. – The man’s a machine and if, as is rumored, he blends up puppies well, what price genius?


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31 responses to “True colors

  1. Earth Ocean Sky Redux

    This is a pretty common response when someone doesn’t get what they want. Especially someone rich who is used to getting his way. Happened here in Bedford about a decade ago when the private school got turned down for building a high school on property bought by one board member as a gift. When the planning board nixed the school, the individual said “low income housing.” Never happened. I doubt it will happen in Marin county either, but it probably made Lucas feel good.

    You using Word of the Day toilet paper? Had to look it up: untermenschen. Good one.

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    Gee, I think you just said that most liberals are self-serving nasty hypocrites when money is on the line. Did I get the gist right?

  3. hmmm

    couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people.

  4. john

    That Whittle guy is pretty funny, Good one.

  5. Walt

    Dude –
    So are you going to watch the Olympics? I love it when we beat up on the Commies and Gooks!! What is your favorite event to watch? I like womens diving!! Those Chinks barely make a splash. They do a triple and PLINK!! No splash. Pretty amazing.
    But did you see this video? Now this chick is a hottie!! The things I would do to her, if only I could catch her!!

    Great smile and she is really having fun. I like that.
    Your Pal,

  6. AJ

    I blame Ed Asner.

  7. Earth Ocean Sky Redux

    Speaking of true colors, I got into a “discussion” today re flag etiquette. Obama has ordered all flags to be flown at half-mast, he deciding that would be one way of giving respect to those who lost their lives in Colorado. I’m a stickler for details and according to all I’ve read, the flag can only be ordered to fly half-staff for leaders, etc. Any flag peeps out there who can help me win (or lose) my argument?

  8. Balzac

    Spectacular liberal hypocrisy, example # 583,930.
    Reminds us of the Cape Wind project: the Kennedys want to see more wind power. They just didn’t really want to actually see it from their Hyannis place.

  9. Fred2

    Meh. Let’s face it, aside from the fact that most conservatives probably wouldn’t have given a rats derriere about what George was doing on circa 9 sq miles of land, so long as it didn’t, you know, completely f-up local traffic, water usage, or block out the sun and other stuff that affects people outside the the area. I think most wealthy conservatives would be “modestly concerned” (cough) if someone suggested building low -income housing within their enclave.

    That being said, I think I read somewhere that low -income is defined as a fraction of average income for the area, so who we’re talking about here are not necessarily what you’d normally consider public assistance housing types

  10. Walt

    Dude –
    So how many times did you watch that video, you perv? AND DON’T LIE YOU LITTLE WEASEL!! I have the over/under at 14? Am I right?

    She is only 19 years old. You think she is too young for us? There is a scientific way to check. First, figure out how old you are. How old am I Dude? I know I am as old as dirt, but I feel like a newly minted penny!! I think I am 82, right? So divide that by ten, then multiply by two. Anything older than the product of that number is good to go. So I think I am all set!!

    Plus she is an Aussie, so she speaks American. I could care less about actually speaking to her, but she will understand “Bend over” and “flip” so it makes it easier.

    Have you ever been to the Land Down Under, Dude? I highly recommend it!! Want to take a trip down there, you dingo?
    Your Pal,

  11. Al Dente

    I have watched that video ninety times and I’m far from done. Just taking a break to catch my breath. O.M.G.

  12. Carolyn

    @eos: you should know by now – when Walt posts something, esp a bouncy girl video that gets all the guys in a tizzy, don’t bother posing a Q that requires thought. Men are not capable of using their brains when there are perky breasts in front of them.🙂

  13. Uber-Liberal mistreats liberals. Get used to it, useful idiots.

  14. Amazing … Incredible …
    There’s actually a liberal who takes all that stuff about being fair to poor seriously?

  15. PTL

    Low income in that community is probably $250,000. All Obama supporters.

  16. cowgirl

    This cannot be repeated enough. Liberalism is a mental illness.

  17. Walt

    Dude –
    So are you over 100 views yet? ME TOO!! I think I really am in love with this Babe. She is just so happy in her own skin. Which I can totally understand. I would be totally happy in her skin too!!

    Anyhows, this video is much more than just a cutie bouncing around and titillating you. You shallow heathen. Did you grasp that, you disgusting hedonistic pig? What is wrong with you?

    She is celebrating her womanhood. Just enjoying the moment. No pissyness about her. Can you relate to that? I think not!!
    You are like the yellow rice eating Gook to her right. LOOK AT HER!!! She is all pissy, uptight, and was a loser from the start. While Michelle is just chilling, having fun, and THEN KICKS THEIR ASSES!! I wuv her!!

    So what is the moral of this story? Well first off, the only hot virgins I know are the ones that can run faster than me. Thirdly, it is all about attitude. And this chick knocks it out of the park on that.

    But to be totally honest, dat ass, dose boobs, and the rock hard abs don’t hurt. But she had me at the smile. She really did.

    Brunch tomorrow?
    Your Pal,

  18. anon

    the “low-income housing” routine happened recently in our own backyard, in the Town of Fairfield when a local developer responded to snide comments from neighbors when he wanted to build three houses where one had previously sat. The article is in today’s RE section of the NYT entitled “Three’s a Crowd, Neighbor’s Say”:

    >>If it is denied, Mr. Karp said, he may propose an affordable housing development — which, under the state’s affordable housing law, would allow him even greater density.<<

    I see his remarks as realtor-speak equivalent of Your Mother Wears Army Boots!

  19. Shadow or wetness? I can’t make up my mind. Have to watch again.

  20. NEChris

    Couple of years back Boston Red Sox owner tore down beautiful home in ritzy town to build even bigger home. Town would give permits for new home. Owner offered to donate land and build shelter for heroin addicts….. new home permits were appoved

  21. Davout

    Actually the story is a bit more involved…
    Lucas has been trying for years to develop that piece of land, and was going to spend upwards of $75 million refurbishing the streams and watershed on the property in addition to the studio he was building. Each time he got submitted a plan there was always some sort of hold up…Committee A wanted Study B redone…permits were delayed, that sort of thing. When it was close to clearing all the legal and regulatory hurdles, a homeowners association nearby protested, and wanted more things done before work could start.
    And Lucas said “That’s it, I’m done, I’m not spending any more money here, I’m going to donate the land, and all the construction jobs and permanent jobs are going to another community.”
    And when he did that, all of the sudden things began to happen. Committees wanted to meet with his reps, the city council members began to get involved, come to find out the homeowners association that pitched a fit may not have been legally elected…and George still said no. And he’s kept saying no since then.

    If anything, I have to admire him for at least sticking by his decision…for now anyways.

    The Marin County paper has all the details, the letters to the editor about whats going on are amusing sometimes…

  22. Fritz

    Not that it matters but I wonder how many of the boys that watched the video know that she won the race?

  23. usually another name

    hey, where are all the newbies coming from? Was this story linked on Instapundit or Drudge? Or some porn site, as some of the comments re the video, are “interesting”. Not that new blood isn’t welcome, or good, just wondering.

  24. usually another name

    great. if I had bothered to read your final update above I would have known and not asked. those kind of hit numbers ought to bump up the day you reach 10 million to before Walt’s August 15 guesstimate.

  25. Jamal Imoz

    Fritz, Why would it matter whether or not she won the race?

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  27. Anthony

    What I love is that in the Star Wars prequals, Lucas demonised people in commerce. This from a guy who licenses out Star Wars to everyone who will pay. In fact, here in the UK, Yoda is now the Zen spokesperson for one of the mobile phone companies.

  28. AJ

    Re-edit this, Lucas:

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