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7:17 Storm watch!

WFUV is playing “Thunder and Lightning”, Walt reports from 197 Round Hill that he’s drowning and the sky here in Riverside just turned a black/purple/yellowish color. I’m unplugging my computer.

UPDATE: Never arrived. I enjoy a good storm but I was still relieved to arrive back home and find the electricity still on, trees still standing and all that.


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Riverside sale, and one in Cos Cob

25 Stoney Ridge Lane, asked $2.850 million, sold for $2.5. For Riverside, this location (a good one, near the station pond but a bit more private) the price seems right. Of course it was right – someone bought it, duh.


11 Indian Mill

11 Indian Mill Road in Cos Cob was priced at $1.1 million, sold for $990,000. An acre of land but not the most convenient of locations.


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I’ve been trying to ignore this but she’s making herself fair game

Another native Greenwich bunny boiler

A reader has been sending me a blizzard of Tina Pray – related stories over the past year and I just didn’t want to go there, so I didn’t. But she’s out with an unreality show now in which she plays a “relationship expert”. Are you kidding me? A remake of Topkapi, sure, but in the small town that is Greenwich, no one I’m aware of has every accused the Volkswagen buggy heiress of knowing much about (successful) relationships. I guess that’s why it’s a TV show.


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I knew realtors have no shame, but have they no pride either?

Business Insider is out with some simply dreadful tales of realtors’ desperate attempts to unload properties, but this video is the worst of the lot, the adult equivalent of those paper overseas caps McDonald’s teen-aged workers were forced to wear in the early 70’s, proclaiming “Hot Apple Pie!” And yes, I know about those caps because when I applied for a job with the company during high school I was told I’d have to wear one. I walked out. These poor pathetic creatures should have done the same.

UPDATE: Speaking of no shame, how ’bout (thanks, AJ)  ‘Bama begging for birthday present cash “because it might be my last birthday in the White House”? This man is supposed to have been elected to the office of the President of the United States of America.


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A man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?

GAR wallpaper

Robert Browning must have been a Realtor or, worse, a Riverside property owner. Saw a house today on the broker tour that was priced at least $1 million above reality – a 50% premium to what it will eventually sell for. And this wasn’t just my reaction: other agents were shaking their heads too.

After all these years, I still don’t get it: who takes these listings? I understand a homeowner who hears about Riverside homes commanding absurd prices – heck, maybe he even reads this blog, and deciding to go big or stay home, but his agent’s job is to bring him gently back to earth. At least that’s what I think an agent should do; taking a listing at a ridiculous price wastes the agent’s time and ultimately does the owner no favor because the house won’t sell! Really.



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From reader JC (no, not that JC – he doesn’t think he’s the Messiah)

Golfer in Chief


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There’s that word again

Sales contracts for existing homes “unexpectedly” fall.


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Marginal neighborhoods still suffering


18 Stillman Lane

18 Stillman Lane, off of Glenville Road, asked $4.750 million and reports an accepted offer today. The high $4’s is obviously not a bad neighborhood, of course, but this same house sold new, full price in 2007 for $5.8 million.

The houses built on this Rockefeller land are all of extremely high quality and as the plantings and trees mature the neighborhood is looking better, but Glenville Road remains Glenville Road. If you want to know which are the most desirable areas in Greenwich, watch the price performance – the questionable zones drop earlier, more, and stay down longer.

As has happened here.


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This should help get out the farm vote


You’re staying home with me today

USDA urges employees to “go meatless” to save the planet.

So let’s see: small businessmen and entrepreneurs: no; chicken, beef, pork and possum (the “other white meat”) farmers, no. Black welfare freeloaders: yes! Illegal Hispanics: Yes I can!

As noted here before, the battle lines have been drawn and couldn’t be clearer.


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