I knew realtors have no shame, but have they no pride either?

Business Insider is out with some simply dreadful tales of realtors’ desperate attempts to unload properties, but this video is the worst of the lot, the adult equivalent of those paper overseas caps McDonald’s teen-aged workers were forced to wear in the early 70’s, proclaiming “Hot Apple Pie!” And yes, I know about those caps because when I applied for a job with the company during high school I was told I’d have to wear one. I walked out. These poor pathetic creatures should have done the same.

UPDATE: Speaking of no shame, how ’bout (thanks, AJ)  ‘Bama begging for birthday present cash “because it might be my last birthday in the White House”? This man is supposed to have been elected to the office of the President of the United States of America.


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14 responses to “I knew realtors have no shame, but have they no pride either?

  1. Ernie

    You are just envious! LOL

  2. anonymous22

    call me crazy, but I think it’s cute. sexist, maybe, but the women are all adorable, and they are having some fun. that’s all. fun, remember what that is? lighten up.

    • I’ve happily made a fool of myself, accidentally and on purpose, many times, so I understand the concept. My personal reaction to this commercial video, however, is one of distaste.

  3. Sy Kotik

    Four letters pop into my head when I see that: FSBO

  4. HG

    I fear your cousin at the Times may have just posted an article blaming the recent thunderstorms on global warming or some such thing.

  5. sad sad cougars. they are long past the time when they should have hung up their cleats. they represent everything that is wrong with social media

  6. anonymous22

    Oh well. I see absolutely nothing wrong with this at all. ESPECIALLY compared to all the truly distasteful ideas the other brokers had in your link. I’d go so far as to say if I were looking for a home on the SeaCoast (wherever that is) I’d call one of these women, and not even maybe. Their video says they can make some fun at themselves all the while actually plugging their office.

  7. Walt

    Dude –
    They understand the value of multimedia. They just don’t understand production value.

    EVERYBODY has already done a parody of that song. So they are late to the party. But they are at least trying, you load. I envision CFW Broadcasting to produce videos more along the lines of this one:

    I have some great ideas for you in a Victoria Secrets store. I know you would prefer Lane Bryant, but trust me on this. OK?

    Your Pal,

  8. Walt

    Dude –
    This one has production value as well. Do you have any listings with an elevator? I will do this one at the Open House:

    Your Pal,

  9. AJ

    Ah, the old Juste Pour Rire show, Candid Camera on steroids. One day, they’re going to really piss someone off and it won’t go well for them.

  10. So shoot m maybe

    Black people need not apply in this firm. These girls raise sorority to a new level. What is CRAZY is the 5% commission these idiots get for selling your home.

  11. Fred2

    “Black people need not apply in this firm” … or males.

  12. anon

    I bet if these girls were Realtors, no one would be complaining!