From the next mayor of NYC

The Great Leap Forward

The Cultural Revolution lands in New York

“We find the remarks made by Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy to be repugnant and un-American,” writes Quinn in a petition she put up on “In New York City, we stand up against intolerance and homophobia. We demand the Chick-fil-A executive apologize and change his position.”

Think about that for just a minute: “we demand the Chick-fil-A executive change his position”! This position – opposition to gay marriage – was the position held by the President of the United States less than six months ago. Now it will not be tolerated at all, and its expression calls for a public confession of error?

Councilman Christine Quinn is not just your run-of-the-mill lesbo whack job from New York City, she is widely expected to win the upcoming mayoral race and will be running the city next year. Will she shut down all stores operated by orthodox Jews, who consider homosexuality to be “an abomination”? Will she close the local falafel stands, run by muslims who consider homosexuality to be not only a sin but worse, a crime? Whose religion demands that homosexuals receive a “harsh beating” the first time they are caught in flagrante delicto and executed the second?

Perhaps she will, in which case we should see some fascinating law suits occupying her Honor’s time during the next few years. My guess, however, is that she will not – in NYC, only conservative Christians are politically powerless.

Sad to see, by the way, that the little brainwashed children who attend NYU have joined Quinn in her assault on free speech.


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9 responses to “From the next mayor of NYC

  1. AJ

    Odd that those who demand tolerance and acceptance wish to exile those who even slightly disagree with their ideals. I think most people could care less about gay marriage, and if asked would probably respond with an answer like, why not? I suspect this approach may set back or even destroy their cause. GG better lend them a copy of her Dale Carnagie’s How to Win Friends…


  2. AJ

    You’re leave a reply text box is acting strangely with the fill in details text boxes riding up over the reply box if you try to type a second paragraph.

  3. anon

    I don’t understand where the public outrage is about Quinn. Her comments are an assault on everything the USA stands for and for her to ask people to suppress someone’s rights it downright unAmerican.
    Not even one sentence in the NYT about Quinn’s petition. And why isn’t Bloomberg speaking out against her? He’s got moxey, he should stand up to her. I haven’t even had coffee and I’m ready to crawl back under the covers, and never come out. Shame on Quinn.

  4. a proud Jew

    Judaism also considers homosexual relations a capital offense and on the first time. but since the Temple was destroyed Judaism Jews can not give out capital punishment.

    Quinn is the most dangreous person NYC ever had she’s trying to make NYC Judenrein with this evil idea.

    I guess her living in the neighborhood of Peter Stuyvesant made her pick up his opinion of Jews.

  5. It’s a crappy fastfood chicken joint. Do any of these liberal freaks even eat there? I always laugh when the left calls the right “intolerant”. North East Republicans are the most open minded people I know, it’s the liberals who are perpetrators of groupthink and rampant intolerance. The want to shut down all opposing thought.

    If you want a peek into the future, look at the CT one party rule with Democrats running amok and Nanny state Bloomberg monitoring drink sizes in NYC. Doesn’t he have a round of golf in Bermuda coming up?

    Liberals do all of the same things they accuse those on the right of and they do it 100x worse.

  6. Peter Gigante

    I think you can get in trouble for saying flagrante delicto.

  7. Cos Cobber

    Its hard not to be frightened for the future of NYC. All the mayoral candidates are way short on business skills/interest and criminal justice and long on all the things that make CA a horror show.

  8. Fred2

    Its hard not to be frightened for the future of the USA. All the candidates are way short on skills/interest and criminal justice and long on all the things that make CA , IL . NJ and Europe a horror show.

    There, I fixed it for you.

  9. Cos cobber

    Thanks Fred2