Your winnings, sir

Allo allo! Je suis “Charles”, and I will be your investment adviser tonight

Wall Street’s appetite for social media companies evaporates.  Well of course it has – even a dummy like myself could see this coming a year or more ago, so surely the whiz kids knew all along that they were dealing with a short-lived phenomenon. Doesn’t matter – they’re about trading, not investing, and money was made by all, I’m sure, but I wonder how many ordinary folk were sucked into the game via the TV “investment” shows and frantic calls from their stock broker?

That’s if there are any of those people left – someone has to be the last to get the news but can there be anyone still alive who doesn’t understand that the game is rigged?

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  1. Anonymous

    Only if you are a new yorker or maybe chicago or LA but the stuff in the middle is the target audience for the rigged game. There really is 2 americas. Not rich and poor but smart and dumb. Once I had a european ‘tell me’ isn’t everyone stupid in america like on your TV shows….just saying the high school drop out rate is pretty bad.