Bidding wars return

20 Shore Road, Old Greenwich, asked $1.525 million, just sold for $1.550. Zillow estimate was for less, but Zillow doesn’t have the Old Greenwich/real estate market properly in its grasp.

24 Perna Lane

24 Perna, Riverside NoPo, asked $585,000, got $625,000. Perhaps the buyer saw it on Trulia, which estimates its value at $725,000, and thought he was getting a bargain.

In the non-bidding war department, just sold 8 Round Hill Road, 2.34 acres (R-2 zone) and a house, for $2.525 million. Not listed, but owners paid $2.5 for it in 2009. Nice land, great location, if I say so myself (as a rule, I don’t think it’s wise for sellers and buyers to have the same agent but in this case, I had buyers who wanted what my sellers no longer did, and it worked out well for both).

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