Do more evil

Twitter joined NBC for a commercial partnership covering the Olympics and has now terminated a journalist’s account for Twitting critical comments about NBC’s lousy coverage. On a much more trivial level, I experienced the same thing in 2007 when, in response to a complaint from the manager of Sotheby’s, that bastion of independent journalism Greenwich Post fired me. That turned out to be a wonderful thing because it forced me to devote time to this blog and increased my readership from 5,000 Greenwich readers, once a week, to 12,000 readers every day from around the world. I hope the Twitter victim enjoys the same luck.

But it’s still despicable.


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3 responses to “Do more evil

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    Are you having LSD flashbacks? Swallowing some magic shrooms? 12,000 readers a day from around the world? It is me, you and Hiram, posting under thousands of aliases. That proof and post douche.

    Anyhows, on a more serious note, several blogs critical of Barry have been undergoing attacks recently. Is that left leaning or right leaning blogs? I always get that confused. Daily Caller this morning. Weasel Zipper experienced a major hack.

    Pretty incredible that the Lib’s want to silence the free speech of those who don’t agree with them, isn’t it? And frightening that this is the direction this country is headed.
    Your Pal,

  2. #NBCFail

    Not surprising, the Twitter hashtag #guyadams is now in the top tier of comments. Hundreds of people are complaining.

    I think the most important point the article made that is about Spike Lee not losing HIS account. Double standard is the understatement.

    Like you did when fired, Guy Adams will get the last laugh. He will rise to far more fame in this firing than he ever could Tweeting about #NBCFail.

    Business Insider has its own take on the story