I could double my sales if I had one of these to use on difficult clients

This …

iPhone/stun gun. Neato. You know, there are just enough stories of female agents being lured to horrible deaths by predators posing as buyers that one of these might be a good idea. Myself, I rely on a M1911 Colt.45 , but it’s bulky, and creates a simply horrendous pantyhose line.

Or this



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6 responses to “I could double my sales if I had one of these to use on difficult clients

  1. Fred2

    snort. Use a shoulder holster, man.

    Or open carry. Can you do that in CT? So much easier.

    Just remember to keep the phone on the other side lest you give your clients a bit of thriller when you reach for the phone and grab the gun.

  2. G W Chase

    Maybe a Commander sized 1911? If you want to stay with .45, I think Kahr makes a small sized .45 cal called the Wart Hog. If you don’t mind something in a smaller caliber (9mm), my Sig 239 packs very nicely in the small of the back (probably not comfortable in a car for too long, but reverse draw holster is always an option). I recently purchased a can of mace for my wife to carry while jogging – great for 2 or 4 legged pests.

  3. I suspect that clients who have been tasered by their agent rarely show up at the closing. If you shoot them, it rises to a certainty.

  4. Cobra

    Consider, instead, the H&K P7 PSP squeeze cocker. Designed for and subsequently carried by the German police in response to the 1972 Olympic tragedy, during which they were outgunned by the terrorists. An excellent concealed carry friend with a shoulder rig.