No wonder Walt’s been so eagerly watching the Olympics

Hooker paces US to win over S. Korea


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3 responses to “No wonder Walt’s been so eagerly watching the Olympics

  1. President of Dave Barry Fan Club

    @Anonymous: Dave Barry could write about dog poop and it would be funny. He’s such an under-rated humorist. Good link. Thanks.

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    I admit it. I am watching the Olympics like a lunatic. I LOVE IT!! Some good stuff tonight. Beach Volleyball!! It better be the Women and not the Men. Who watches them? Have you seen the bubble asses on those Brazilians?

    Anyhows, right now we are tied with the Chinks at 17 medals each, but they have 9 gold’s to our 5. BUT THEY ARE CHEATING!! The dirty Commie BASTARDS!! Did you see this?

    There is no way this little gook swam this race without eating some magical rice. Or without an Evinrude strapped to her ass. It is unpossible. They better have her pissing in a cup today.

    I hate it when they cheat. Don’t you?
    Your Pal,