Oh, not before the election!

Those readers with long memories will remember Obama’s killing the pipeline that would have brought Canadian oil to our country, a decision that was cheered by his mob. So Canada is cutting a $15 billion deal with China and will send the oil there, rather than here. Ooh! No no, we didn’t want anyone to use that Gaia-destroying fuel – you mean oil is fungible? Our choice is to have a secure source of oil or watch the Chinese burn it? Why didn’t anyone tell us?

So, sensing an election-year issue that’s going to hurt them, the Democrats, led by Mistress Gaia herself, Nancy Pelosi and “where’s the camera Chuck Schumer”, want to scuttle the deal.

In a draft letter to the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), Sen. Schumer writes:

I respectfully urge you, in your capacity as chairman of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), to withhold approval of this transaction to ensure U.S. companies reciprocal treatment.

Similarly, Rep. Pelosi is now sounding alarms of concern.  In a statement, Pelosi spokesperson Drew Hamill said:

This deal prompts great concern about the Chinese government’s continued attempts to use its state-owned enterprises to acquire global energy resources.

Greens need not worry – once he’s reelected, Obummer will kill it again. This stick in the spokes is intended to keep the issue on the back burner until November and then it’ll be business as usual.


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8 responses to “Oh, not before the election!

  1. Real Global Warming…
    What is the difference between hot air from Berkeley or San. Fran. ?

  2. Fred2

    As my Canadian friends said when they read the Pres’s decision: “Idiot.”

    Instapundit often makes the comment: “The Worst Political Class in History”, I don’t know if he’s right, but dear god, we’re in the running.

  3. Anonymous

    If things were reversed and Canada wouldn’t buy our product you can be sure our President would understand free markets enough to have us sell it somewhere else like China.

  4. mc

    Pipeline or no pipeline CNOOC is willing to pay nearly a billon more than NEXEN is worth.
    The Chineese govt are dumping, literaly dumping, us dollars in exchange for hard mineral assets all over the globe and they already own about 40% of western canada oil fields.
    NEXEN deal or not, the pipeline would still be pumping Chineese owned to Port Aurthur refiners for export.
    So funny when self professed libertarians liberaly banter around the words we, us, and our and liberaly interpret free market capitalism in very narrow self defined terms.

    • There was a plan to bring a pipeline to Oklahoma, filled with Canadian oil. Obama stopped it. A new plan was then substituted, bringing that same oil to western Canada for shipment to China. What part of that don’t you get?

  5. pulled up in OG

    Again . . . it might be oil from Canada, but it ain’t Canadian oil when it’s 80% foreign owned.

    And most of the oil in Nexen deal is not from Canada.

    – most of Nexen’s oil output comes from outside Canada

    – If approved, the Chinese would take control of the UK’s largest producing oil field – Buzzard – and the Golden Eagle development, which includes both the Golden Eagle and Peregrine reservoirs in the North Sea, about 43 miles off Aberdeen.
    (On the same day, Beijing-based Sinopec said it was paying $1.5bn (£970m) for a 49% stake in Canadian oil firm Talisman’s UK North Sea business.)

    – Nexen is one of the largest leaseholders in the deep water of the Gulf of Mexico and a partner in some of the biggest offshore discoveries.

    • The point I’m making – or trying to, anyway – is that it was the pipeline and location of the owner, that was important, not necessarily the owner of that oil. Pipelines aren’t built overnight – if China decided to ship oil to itself, it would take years to do that which, thanks to Obama, they’re now starting. Furthermore, were China go to war with us, would Canada really stand by and let it cut us off from oil? I think not. Another four years of Obama’s “smart diplomacy”, however, and all bets are off.

  6. mc

    No use arguing with you As facts get in the way.