Pelosi to Jews: All you people care about is money

Saturday our favorite Democrat complained that Jews were being exploited by Republicans, yesterday, she explained why she wants them back in the fold: so she and her pals can exploit them themselves.

They don’t really care about Israel, they just don’t want to pay higher taxes.


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8 responses to “Pelosi to Jews: All you people care about is money

  1. Goldie Lox

    How bad are things for Obama when Pelosi has to pick on Republican Jews and Debbie Whatsherface-Schultz gets booed at a synagogue in Florida??

    And if Diane Feinstein thinks there are leaks in the Obama admin re security, for sure there’s a mole (or mohel?) sneaking around the Romney camp while he’s overseas. To a one, everything that Romney has talked about or done, Obama has come out with a one-up just a few hours before or after Romney.

    Chicago politics at its worst (or best?)

  2. Anonymous

    Pelosi actually said that Obama has been to Israel many times. When in fact, he has NEVER visited. You can’t make this sh*t up.

  3. magicians do it

    wow or Oy- pretty bad that we are talking about a small group of people. yes, yes, the money trail. But, really Israel is not the issue. It is all smoke and mirrors to get to the meat: Iran, Syria, Egypt even Saudi….Once again, politicians shaking the outrageous stick ie gay marriage or abortion. And the public falls for it. The press and the public are gullible. These politicians are manipulating the truth for their benefit and most of us eat it up. Also, any word on some miscellaneous topics relating to infrastructure; the tappan zee is on its last wire, our schools are in pretty bad shape or and that pesky issue of the economy. Does healthcare or social security count as relevant? The topic in it of itself says loads about their tactics not what side you fall on!

  4. DollarBill

    Talk about groveling, behold the Mittster, on his Grovel to Israel tour, who certainly knows exactly how to sneak a few simoleons out of Shelly “I’m not a Chinese agent” Adelson and his bottomless wallet with a fundraiser at the King David Hotel. Tasteless in the extreme! Except for the neocons who want to make Israel the 51st state.