Another law that Obama chooses to overturn

Obama overrides federal law requiring sixty-day lay off notices to workers. Those notices are scheduled to go out to tens of thousands of defense industry workers just days before the election so, while the Messiah’s base would cheer such a development, Obama wants to wait. “After I’m reelected I’ll have more flexibility, Vladimir”.

Imagine, if you can, the reaction by the press if Bush had overridden five federal laws in as many months? So far, news of Obama’s lawlessness has not been deemed fit to print.

Obama’s Labor Department on Monday issued “guidance” to the states, telling them that a federal law requiring advance notice of mass layoffs does not apply to the layoffs that may occur in January as a result of automatic budget cuts known as “sequestration.”

Inhofe, appearing on Fox & Friends Tuesday morning, said President Obama, through his Labor Department, “is trying to intimidate businesses, companies, corporations — not just defense contractors — into not issuing the pink slips,” which are required by federal law 60 days before mass layoffs or plant closings.

“(T)he president doesn’t really want all these pink slips going out five days before the election,” Inhofe said.

He noted that if the automatic budget cuts kick in on Jan. 2 — as they will if Congress can’t reach a deficit-reduction agreement — layoff notices would have to go out no later than Nov. 2. The general election is on Nov. 6.

Under the WARN Act — The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act — companies with more than 100 employees must give 60 days’ notice if there is to be a mass layoff during any 30-day period for 500 or more employees (or for 50-499 employees if they make up at least 33% of the employer’s active workforce).

But in guidance issued on Monday, Assistant Labor Secretary Jane Oates said never mind about those pink slips….


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2 responses to “Another law that Obama chooses to overturn

  1. Peg

    If he (God forbid) gets re-elected, this all will merely be a warm-up act.

  2. Barney Rubble

    I would love to know what idiot wrote that WARN act. I was laid off in May by a company and all the conditions for WARN applied, which meant 60 days severance would be paid. All but one: they said it would be a “5 month temporary layoff” and so the law did not apply, because it’s only for 6 months and over. Of course we all know we are never getting called back, so they avoid paying the severance. Another meaningless federal regulation.