Free renovations up on Close Road

45 Close Road has dropped its price again and is now asking $4.999 million. Lovely land, a nifty renovation but still a small house (plenty of FAR to expand or even build new, if you wish). What caught my eye is that the seller paid $5.5 million for the place in 2007 and must have spent what, a million? renovating. In any event, she priced it at $7.795 in 2010 so presumably the renovations cost less than that. And now, whatever she put into it is yours free, plus $500,000 for your troubles.

I’d love to live here, but the general taste for houses in this price range demands much more space. If you want small and elegant, this could work for you.


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4 responses to “Free renovations up on Close Road

  1. anon&anon

    very cute little house, little being operative word. looks like a place for empty nesters who want to downsize. but kinky, that peek-a-boo I see ALL of you shower in the MBath!! Designed by Walt?

  2. Anonymous

    Mid threes in this market. And what’s with that shower?

  3. Anonymous

    lol! only in greenwich

  4. Annie

    I just hope whoever buys it doesn’t tear it all down and build a huge monstrosity like they did next door (and yes, I grew up next door to this house, as well as across the street).