Newsweek to try another cover?


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2 responses to “Newsweek to try another cover?

  1. HG

    The original “Wimp Factor” cover was about George H.W. Bush, a man who piloted torpedo bombers in combat. The torpedo bomber required flying a straight course toward the target ship, exposing the aircraft to both enemy planes and anti-aircraft fire with no evasive tactics. The plane and its required tactics made the pilot so vulnerable that the entire type of aircraft was discontinued after WWII. Read the account of Bush’s somewhat famous bailout and you will realize the sequence: his plane was fatally hit, he continues his run, drops his ordnance, then flies a safe distance away from the action so he and his crew can bail out. Granted, it can’t compare to Obama’s defeat of Bin Laden in single combat, but you would think that Newsweek would want to hide that cover in shame, not refer to it over and over.

    • Remember the fate of the torpedo bombers in the Battle of Midway? Every one (I think every one) shot down, all pilots died, not one veered from course. Newsweek has many sins to account for committed in its declining years, but impugning George the First’s bravery is right up there.