Oh hell

The GAR’s “browser neutral” site won’t show open houses today, so I suppose I’ll have to dig out my Windows machine, blow the dust off and fire it up to see where I’m headed this morning. Have I mentioned that I’m annoyed at how much I pay for the Greenwich Association of Realtors to screw things up? If you include iPhones and iPads, Apple users are approaching 50% of the market, yet the technologically – challenged folks down on the Byram border continue to beat us like a red-headed stepchild.

UPDATE: After wasting 20 minutes, turns out there’s nothing of significance on today. But snappers are in the creek and there’s a wind, so I’m sure I’ll find something better to do.


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8 responses to “Oh hell

  1. Fred Floppydisc

    It works fine for my Tandy 286, I don’t know what your problem is.

  2. Thai Tanic

    So the summer RE market has hit the proverbial iceberg and there’s nothing on the open house list today and we’ve exhausted conversations about iPhone cases and the Olympics and Obama dissing, let’s try one of your Favorite’s post .. how about House(s) I’d Own if I won the Lottery or Where I’d live if I didn’t live in Greenwich or Best Summer vacation Destinations or Best BBQ recipes……..something….

  3. Wi Likem Yung

    How about Walt’s favorite: Countries that don’t have extradition treaties with the U.S. regarding the return of perverts.

  4. Princess Summerfall Winterspring

    We could talk aboutum blood sister Princess Elizabeth Warren. Chief No Scrotum Obama has granted her a main event speech platform at the Dem convention. Me go smoke peace pipe now to forget woes of this country since the white man took over.

  5. Safari is really only a so so browser. I run Opera-Mini on my iPhone and it’s really a much better tool. It’s free on the app store. Opera is a very full featured, mature browser that’s been on Windows, the Mac and Linux for ages. Everyone else stole the idea for tabbed browsing from them.

    • I hadn’t used Safari in several years, Richard, but I just downloaded “Mountain Lion” and because people were saying such nice things about the new Safari that comes with the new OS, I’ve been using it. So far, I’m not impressed, but I haven’t worked it to see what it’s capable of.

  6. Anthony Fountain

    Edvard Grieg was commissioned to compose a cantata to celebrate the one-hundredth anniversary of his fellow Norwegian, playwright Ludvig Holberg. He retired to his summer house in Bergen for the duration but obviously didn’t think much of his project, writing to a friend: “I am working on the Holberg Cantata and while the music is bad, on the other hand the fishing is very good. Yesterday I caught twenty.”