Politics? In the Olympics? Perish the thought

Swiss Competitor sent home after twitting rude things about the South Koreans.

Still, the Swiss team leader acknowledged that Morganella had to be sent home under the terms of the International Olympic Committee’s code of conduct, which requires athletes to show mutual respect.

“In this case, we felt we have no alternative,” Gilli said.

Olympic committee erects screen in front of Israeli athletes so that Lebanese won’t have to see them.


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7 responses to “Politics? In the Olympics? Perish the thought

  1. anon

    Your daughter and her band are winning gold in Alaska! Nice job!! I’ve tried to see them on tour and I’ve always been one state away.

  2. anon

    PS: And the film is edited by Kat. Way to go!

  3. Mazama

    Wow! Great music and a fun video.

  4. HG

    Normally I would have thought this kind of behavior most likely to come from the Austrians, I think the only country to have elected an SS officer their head of state.

  5. HG

    You are quite right, of course. Continental Europeans reached their most advanced state circa 410 A.D. I can’t believe people give Mitt Romney grief for trying to civilize them as a missionary in Paris.