Rocky Point bidding war price disclosed


12 Rocky Point

12 Rocky Point Lane (Old Greenwich) closed yesterday for $3.520 million, on an asking price of $3.375. This was a great house – I called my own clients about it from its driveway on the day of its open house and they liked it as much as I did but declined to enter the inevitable bidding war. That’s usually the wisest course of action, as recent sales of houses that were “won” in the bidding wars of yore have demonstrated, but this was an exceptional house. I understand that there was an even higher bid but that bidder had to retreat after he discovered his employer had other plans for his future, but $3.520 seems just about right.


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2 responses to “Rocky Point bidding war price disclosed

  1. anon

    For something built in 1998 and no renovation year entered on the listing, the sellers get an Olympic Gold medal for such a perfectly kept interior. Doesn’t look like one thing needs doing. Move in. Unpack. Done. Lucky buyers, and sellers. Love feel-good stories.

  2. Anonymous

    This one was even sold for $3.4million in 2007…Said that, a good-looking property in a prime area.