Sellers beware


Wonder Bread bonus

New capital requirements for banks affecting salary and, gasp, bonus pay. I’ve been hearing this from a number of my clients, all pretty big cheeses in the banking world. They aren’t whining, just explaining why they see prices for high end houses falling, not rising.

I see it the same way and I regret that, because my own pay is tied, indirectly, to how much the big boys are bringing home. Of course what really troubles me about this story is the thought that Obama will have less to redistribute to the deserving poor.


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2 responses to “Sellers beware

  1. Anonymust

    the days of big bonuses for bankers are over

    which is why the mid- to high-end is languishing, but the low-end and super high-end are very strong

  2. Anonymous

    Do you agree with the above commenter and the one on BI suggesting that the lower end will make out well as a result?