Shh! Idiots at play

” Of course I’m a moron, but I vote!

Plastic bag bans just another feel-good eco-fad. Gee, phony “science”, scare stories, politicians regulating things they know nothing about, school children taught about evil? Somehow all this sounds familiar.

“The evidence points to the fact that banning the bags may actually be a net negative for the environment, yielding little benefit to wildlife while significantly increasing carbon emissions and other environmental impacts.



[I]t should be noted that the benefit of banning plastic bags is mitigated by the fact that half of the bags are used for other purposes, like for garbage bags or for picking up after pets. Grocery shoppers will still have to buy other bags, likely plastic, for those purposes.


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8 responses to “Shh! Idiots at play

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    Did you watch Missy Franklin win her swimming gold last night? She had to go for her gold in the 100 meter back stroke less than 15 minutes after she finished racing in the 200-meter freestyle semifinal. Really an amazing performance, and the kid just completed her Junior Year in High School!! And she beat much older “women”.

    And she is so sweet and bubbly. She mouthed the anthem as she accepted her gold, and I cried like a little bitch. I was blowing snot bubbles like a frigging retard.

    Anyhows, I tried to find a video of the Gold Medal Ceremony, but couldn’t find one. But here is a link with a long slide show of pictures:

    200-meter freestyle semifinal finished less than 15 minutes before her 100-meter backstroke final began

    If you look at those and don’t well up, you are not human. You Alien.

    I think she swims again tonight, so put on a pair of clean Depends and watch it.
    Your Pal,

  2. anon

    Honest to God, true story. I was just sent a link to the puke-a-mundo blog Mom’s Clean Air Force, a bunch of ne’er-do-well women who have nothing better to do than talk about how Soot is Bad, how we need to Drink Water (astonishing!) and that Plastic is Everywhere. Plastic bad. BPA kills. Use paper and kill trees. The columns are SO utterly insipid I could NOT finish a one. Nor would I subject your readers to them or bother linking to their blog.

    The world needs people to fight causes. I believe that truly. Alot of causes are worth the fight. But when this Clean Air group (or any clean air group for that matter) fights to the nth degree to stop people from using plastic or is strident about shutting down every coal plant in America and today, I want to start an Occupy Stupidity movement. A coal plant in Ohio did close today, and 239 people lost their jobs; I ask, what is the sense in that? The CEO of the plant blamed Obama. Good, but maybe two people will read this. Another sad day for the USA.

    Click to access newsrelease.pdf

    I’m going to go put a plastic bag over my head. [not really!]

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    Here is the right link:

    Womans Synchronized Diving on right know.

    Your Pal,

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    So here is the latest Olympic update. Not that I am sure you really care, you Commie loser. We have tied the Chinamen in total medal count at 23. But the Chopsticks still lead in gold’s by 4. They have 13 and we have 9.

    But we have the gold’s in the better events. They won some in Woman’s Weight Lifting. Who frigging cares? They can keep that one, and any women we have that compete in that event as well. They won gold in Woman’s Archery. We won gold in Woman’s skeet shooting. Who wins in that face off, you seventh century heathens?

    And our prepubescent Barbie’s ROCKED in the Woman’s team gymnastics and kicked some Cossack ASS!! But in fairness, the Red Sonia’s out hotted us. They had a hint of actual breasts, had all of this sparkly stuff in their hair that was appropriately slutty, but not over the line, and hooker eye shadow. So they were hot losers, which I am fine with. Those bald little sables.

    Lots more to report, so I will give you another Olympic update tomorrow. OK? It is your blog, so are there any events you would specifically like me to report on for you? That you like? Ballroom Dancing? That was a sport, but they may have dropped it. Ball Busting? If that was a sport, you would be competing, and probably the gold medal favorite!!

    Brunch tomorrow? Cos Cobber? I will be there at 9:00. Wear your USA Speedo so I know it is you. You loser.

    Your Pal,

  5. Anonymous

    The verdict is in: Global warming is occurring and emissions of greenhouse gases caused by human activity are the main cause. This, according to Richard A. Muller, professor of physics at UC Berkeley, MacArthur Fellow and co-founder of the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project. Never mind that the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and hundreds of other climatologists around the world came to such conclusions years ago. The difference now is the source: Muller is a long-standing, colorful critic of prevailing climate science, and the Berkeley project was heavily funded by the Charles Koch Charitable Foundation, which, along with its libertarian petrochemical billionaire founder Charles G. Koch, has a considerable history of backing groups that deny climate change.,0,7372823.story

    • I already posted on that some days ago but I’m putting up your comment because it so perfectly illustrates my headline. “Idiots at Play”. Topic for discussion: banning plastic bags is a useless gesture because they are nt causing harm to wildlife or our oceans, they use less energy to manufacture than paper bags and in fact use 173 times less energy than it takes to manufacture a “reusable” bag. Response from you and your cretinous ilk: “Global warming!Global warming!”
      You simply cannot comprehend – you are incapable of thought and are stuck repeating whatever bumper sticker philosophy was spoon fed you by your masters. As such, you add nothing to the conversation. Grow up, learn to think independently, then come back. I won’t hold my breath.

  6. Brid

    The issue here in Ireland (where disposable plastic bags are taxed at about a quarter apiece) was aesthetic. People littered and plastic bags ended up blighting the country side, attaching themselves to trees and hedgerows, not exactly what one wants to see when one visits the emerald isle. Behaviour has certainly changed as a result; it’s not uncommon to see people walking down the street with two or three items in their hands that if they were free would have warranted a disposable plastic bag, and reusable bags (many of which are heavy plastic rather than of more energy using fabric or jute) get reused for often for several years.

    • But if they’d wrap their whiskey bottles in bags it would reduce the broken glass scattered about – less droppage – and make it easier to retrieve the empties from those hedgerows and trees!