Well this is just wrong

Business Insider has a blazing headline this afternoon, “Springtime isn’t the best season to sell homes”. They’ve got lots of color charts to illustrate their point but, as is often the case with that rag, its reporter doesn’t ask the right question. If you’re looking for market activity, it’s the contract date that’s relevant, not the actual closing date, which often comes months later and is affected by school vacations and the like.

The only data I have easy access to is Greenwich’s, but I doubt it’s any different from the rest of the country. Here is the contract activity for the past three years – the numbers may have been greater or lower in other years, but you’ll see the trend remains steady.

Jan – March             April – June           July – September          October –  December

2012:     110                               159

2011:      133                               187                             97                                       115

2010:      151                                169                            97                                       88


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5 responses to “Well this is just wrong

  1. anonymous22

    darn, just last week I saw an entire two or three page spread-chart of stats in both Fairfield and Westchester County – just the data you are talking about. I can’t remember if it came from Houlihan or Sotheby’s but it was sensational. Something mailed to me but I’ll see if I can find it online. Funny, I remember thinking at the time I read it, wow, Chris would like this info. Lotta good that does ya, right?

  2. anonymous22

    found it in the recycling bin. it was Houlihan. I’m going to call and see if I can get an e-version of said brochure.

  3. anonymous22

    who loves ya baby? called office and assistant sending me PDF of entire brochure and I will in turn email it to you. So check for stats coming to an email mailbox near you.

  4. Ernie

    Please don’t confuse the situation with facts!