Why don’t I think Walt will be watching this woman flop around on the canvas?


No kidding – this is really the Saudi’s lady wrestler. Makes you pine for Linda McMahon, eh?

Saudi heavyweight jujitsuess  okayed to fight dressed in a potato sack.


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4 responses to “Why don’t I think Walt will be watching this woman flop around on the canvas?

  1. anon

    But Walt DID, while we weren’t looking, create a punk rock band in Russia. How does he do all this and we can’t catch up with him??? He needs a Twitter handle @Where’sWalto!


  2. Green Mtn Punter

    Are you kidding? Walt will be watching Women’s Beach Volleyball like the rest of us red blooded American guys. Sure hope it warms up soon in London as we are not enjoying the full spectator benefits.

    Why the hell do they schedule these matches at 11 p.m.after it cools off? We want sun, sand, and bikinis, not long undies, right Walt?

    Kerri Walsh and Misty May are teriffic, winning atheletes, skin or no skin. They simply reject any outcome other than victory! Mama Lions going for the kill every time.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    We are closing the gap on the Chinks. We are AHEAD in total medal count now, 20 to 19, and closer on the gold’s. The slant eyes have 10 and we have 7. The Frogs are in 3rd, with 4 gold and 10 total medals. But they will be doing the reverse field starting right about now.

    I feel sorry for the Brits. They only have 4 medals and zero gold’s. And last night, their men’s gymnastic team got japped by the Japs!! Literally:


    I felt bad for them. If only bad teeth were an Olympic sport, they would have a Gold locked up.

    Anyhows, did you see any of the men’s synchronized diving? Really pretty incredible!! In spite of the fact that watching two guys in skimpy bathing suits so tight they had troubles keeping their trouser snakes from jumping out, which was a bit unnerving.

    Big night tonight. Women’s team gymnastics, those flexible little Gumby’s!! Swimming and Beach Volleyball!! And if the Arab’s do wear that, I will watch it to see them get their ever loving asses kicked.

    Can’t beat that!!
    Your Pal,

  4. The Saudi woman isn’t a black belt and has never competed before. Walt could probably take her.