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Is Harry Reid a pederast?

Ribbon cutting at the Jerry Sandusky Hall of Mirrors

That’s what anonymous sources are saying – it’s all over the net, yet so far Reid refuses to answer these serious charges. His father would be so ashamed.


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Your tax dollars at work

Well these owners certainly didn’t earn it

Malloy announces creation of 367 “moderate income” housing units, at $716,621 per apartment.*

Total cost: $263 million. Budget deficit for 2012: $275 million. Hmm, how might we balance our budget? What might we cut?

* playing with the numbers a bit – total cost of the entire project is $263 million, number of low income units is 367 which, divided into the total cost yields the figure cited. There are other market rentals being built but if there’s a market for those, then there’s no need for state taxpayers to pay to build them, no?

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Ha! Bully picks on young girl at drive through window and gets canned

Who among us does not love NASCAR or swift justice? This idiot CFO not only thought it was a smart idea to both berate and bully a young woman handing him his order of free water, he then posted the incident on the Internet. He is now a former CFO.

As a parent, the sight of a sweet kid being abused so that some jerk can score points with his friends infuriates me. As a cynic, I notice that the guy didn’t choose to berate a Muslim food vendor for his religion’s hatred of homosexuals. Could that be because the vendor might have a large knife stashed under the counter and Muslims have an unfortunate tendency to behead those who anger them? Creep.


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Another problem that solves itself

Man drives off cliff while texting, “I’ve got to stop texting or I’m gonna crash”.


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Just a reminder

Harry Reid refuses to release his own tax returns. What’s appalling is not that the Nevadan crook doesn’t pay taxes, it’s the main stream press giving coverage to the old fraud’s “someone like totally told me that Romney hasn’t paid taxes” riff without including in every story that Reid’s tax returns, (like Obama’s school records), are under seal at Reid’s insistence.

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Cat Rock sale

138 Cat Rock went to contract in June but sold today: $3.660 million. A great house. Started at $4.195 in late January which wasn’t ridiculous given the quality here but a tough target to reach in the current market. I think both parties did well at $3.66.

And yes, chalk up another one for Cos Cob.

UPDATE: Fun to see the comments on my February 2 posting about this house. Readers were all over the place in both their appreciation or dislike of the house and their predictions of its ultimate selling price. Usually, most objective observers can come to a fair consensus on what a house’s value is but this one had enough variables – design and location being the largest, that the guesses were pretty far apart. A house is worth exactly what someone is willing to pay for it (not what some puffed-up blogger says), and so now we know.


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So how did Harry Reid get rich on a public servant’s salary?


I’m just not going to tell you!

Harry Reid has served as Nevada Gambling Commissioner and Senator for just about his entire adult life, yet has somehow amassed a fortune greater than $5 million. How? He’s not saying. From where? He’s not saying. But anonymous rumors that someone whispered to him about Mitt Romney’s tax returns? That he’ll talk about.


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Bottom story of the day

Olympic boxing judges accused of fraud. Drugs, politics and corruption – I thought these games were supposed to be a break from the real world? I guess if you want fantasy, you should tune to CNN.

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The occupiers must be crowing with delight

Facebook price collapse cuts California’s tax anticipation in half (and still falling).

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Ban knives!

Teenager kills eight people with knife, wounds a dozen more.


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Contract to sale in one day

7 Mulberry in Cos Cob sold yesterday for $1.895 million. I thought this was a terrific house when it came on and said so at the time. I doubt you’ll see its quality again at this price, or not until Europe implodes, and that won’t happen until when, October?


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Fishing techniques for home owners

Bluefish blitz – yank that hook!

Just back from open houses (forgettable) where I heard a rumor that a house I’ve been showing clients recently is in negotiations for a deal that will probably be in the high $2’s. That will be a fair price, but I happen to know that an offer of $4.1 million was rejected – rudely – a few years ago.

Similarly, clients of mine recently purchased land at a price just barely above what they’d bid for a grossly inferior lot a month before. Again, that other offer was greeted with an almost hysterical assertion that we were trying to “rip them off”. That owner may have avoided being ripped off, but he still owns his land and will continue to do so, I predict, for a long time to come.

So here’s my advice: selling a house is like fishing: if the market’s in a feeding frenzy mode, feel free to be as rude as you like responding to offers you don’t like; another fish will be right behind the first, ready to bite.

But in this market, imagine that you’re trout fishing on a quiet stream. If you get a nibble on your lure, give it a slight twitch, perhaps, but whatever you do don’t jerk it from the fish’s mouth. That fish will be gone, you’ll have roiled the pool and ruined the fishing. And you’ll go hungry that night.

So be polite – your mother taught you that, right?


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But those are union jobs!

It costs Amtrack $3.40 to serve a can of soda that it charges $2 for. Republicans suggest using private contractors to deliver food service and I suggest installing vending machines that can deliver a soda at a buck a pop (so to speak) and turn a profit while doing so. Democrats, naturally, have a better idea – keep subsidizing these jobs at $68,000 per worker. For a hot dog vendor?

Republican suggestions to further use outside food-service contractors would eliminate good jobs, with good wages and benefits, and replace them with low-wage positions, said West Virginia Representative Nick Rahall, the panel’s senior Democrat.

Food costs aren’t the major cause of Amtrak’s financial difficulties, and congressional micromanagement has made it impossible for Amtrak to make good decisions, Rahall said.

“This is a whopper of a bad idea if I have ever heard one: trading good-paying jobs with benefits for cheaper cheeseburgers,” he said.


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Most liberals in Europe and the US would agree with this moderate Iranian


Feminism Iranian style

Ahmadinejad: Israel and the Jewish banking/media the scourge of the planet – its annihilation “would solve all of the world’s problems”.

Even global warming!

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Group think in higher education

Professor recounts on the forced conformity of group-think among his peers. My experience back in the early 70’s was that political correctness was imposed on students even more forcefully because dissenters had to fight back against both their professors and their fellow students. I doubt that it’s gotten any better since – quite the contrary, in fact.


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