Is Harry Reid a pederast?

Ribbon cutting at the Jerry Sandusky Hall of Mirrors

That’s what anonymous sources are saying – it’s all over the net, yet so far Reid refuses to answer these serious charges. His father would be so ashamed.


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9 responses to “Is Harry Reid a pederast?

  1. Inquiring minds wish to know the truth about whether Harry Reid is a pederast. The fact that he has not addressed these serious charges suggests he has something to hide, doesn’t it?

  2. Anonymous

    Juvenile but funny. Far more effective IMO is to hammer Harry (and Nancy) about charges of ethical lapses and outright corruption.

  3. Anonymous

    Harry Reid needs to have a fatal stroke and be gone from the face of this earth – could God be so good to us??????

  4. charlie roy

    Well, has he disproved it yet?

  5. Anonymous

    Well, the House actually slapped a fellow Dem. lighly on the wrist yesterday by officially reprimanding Laura Richardson out of California. Oh, this woman is such a corrupt scoundral they should have tossed her out on her ass. Of course she is, and has been, screaming racism since they opened the “investigation” way back in 2010.

    She has three, THREE, foreclosure actions on homes she “owns”. In fact, the Sacramento house she got a loan from WaMu on in 2007 went into foreclosure in early 2008 and was actually sold to a RE investor who went to work on fixing it up. A month later Richardson (claiming bank fraud) managed to get the foreclosure reversed and WaMu ended up having to buy the place back from the new owner ($100k sweetener over his purchase price) and renegotiated her loan balance downward. The neighbors were furious. The fraud? She (er…her agent) claimed rental income for the other two foreclosures in order to qualify her for the loan.

    Anyway, the House (under Pelosi by then) cleared her of that charge but couldn’t avoid complaints by her House staff of being forced to work on her reelection campaign, her misuse of government funds for both her campaign and personal use, misuse of her official vehicle, misuse/abuse/threats to her staff, and destruction of evidence.

    Luckily, she’s been redistricted and it looks like she’ll lose badly in November against her Dem. opponent, Maxine Waters will probably find room for her somewhere on the government teat though. Sigh….

  6. Anonymous

    Sorry, I got so pissed off about her that I forgot to give a link. Sheesh.,0,3274556.story