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We’re doomed

Obama threatens to do to what remains of American manufacturing what he did to Government Motors.

“We’ll make America look like Solyndra” doesn’t seem like a stirring campaign pledge to me but then, I’m not a Democrat.


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Absolutely no sympathy – none

Suggested response time for whingers

Ruth Streeter, a 60 Minutes Producer and back country (Bedford Road) resident leaves her house unlocked and unguarded, returns to discover that she’s been burglarized. So far so bad, but this clueless moron has the temerity to complain that the police didn’t do her job?

Streeter said she twice called police, first to report the break-in and then to ask where an officer was, because she believed it was taking too long.

Police arrived between 10:30 p.m. and 10:45 p.m., she said.

“They told me they had a shift change,” she said. “I told them, `I don’t care about a shift change.’ ”

Capt. Timothy Berry, commander of the police department’s Detective Division, said he was never made aware Streeter was dissatisfied.

He said the first call was received at 10:43 p.m., with an officer en route 1 minute later, arriving at 11 p.m.

“It was 16 minutes from when he got dispatched to arrival time,” Berry said. “They were there for one hour and they went back the next day.”

As more backcountry families are falling victim to break-ins, with perhaps the most dramatic coming last month during a home invasion on Round Hill Road in which the lone female occupant was restrained as intruders made off with jewelry, Streeter is not alone in her worries about safety and desire for more answers — and more boots on the ground — from police.

While Streeter admits she should have locked her doors and turned on her alarm system, she said many backcountry residents often leave their homes unlocked. And when told by responding officers that there had been a couple of break-ins lately on Round Hill and Bedford roads, Streeter was perplexed.

“So, why don’t we know this area has been hit,” Streeter said. “Your job is to inform the community if we’re at risk.”

The lady could try reading Greenwich Time if she wants to keep up with crime news or heck, she could log onto this blog – we love backcountry crime and post on it frequently. July 25, 2012, being just the latest example.

The best defense against break-ins and burglaries remains, in my opinion, a large dog. Everything else: guns, alarms, police cruisers, addresses the problem after the fact – a dog warns off trouble before it starts.


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If you’re wondering

No notable real estate news posted on the MLS today. We’re well into the dormant period but I’m out with buyers tomorrow and I’m sure others are busy too, so accepted offers will probably trickle in over the next few weeks.


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Nice house on Cat Rock


125 Cat Rock

125 Cat Rock held its first broker open house today and I liked it very much. Quasi-Adirondack style exterior, modern interior with sort of colonial molding and trim work, it sounds like a dog’s breakfast as described here, and indeed I heard a couple of agents comment unfavorably on the total appearance but I found it refreshingly different and very attractive. Entirely a matter of personal taste but I applaud boldness in the staid, stodgy Greenwich real estate market and this one is bold without being whacky. Check it out.

Taste and personal preference aside, there will be no argument abut the quality of construction, from anyone. I don’t pretend to be any kind of construction expert but I can notice when a builder pays attention to small details, as this one has. He’s run baseboard trim into those little access passageways that lead to the mechanicals, for instance. No one will ever see that baseboard except maintenance men and nosey real estate agents, it will bring no extra value to the builder and it cost him money to do it, but clearly his pride wouldn’t let him skip this detail. A builder who takes care of  tiny things like that is giving you an excellent indication that he hasn’t skimped on the equally-hidden but more critical parts of the structure. Anyone can put top-of-the-line hardware in a house, as this builder has, but you want to know, or you should want to know, that that hardware is attached to a rock-solid building.

The land is okay, but it’s Cat Rock, which means rocks and stuff. A decent yard has been carved out but I think you’ll have trouble finding space for a pool, especially now that our P&Z has assaulted homeowners with yet another spate of crippling regulations. What the heck, join a country club – most pool owners I know say that the happiest day of the year is the day the pool is closed for the winter.

Price is $4.175 million. That beautiful house across the street just closed for $3.750 and I’d consider that a very close comparable to this one in terms of location, land, quality of construction and design, so there’s your target.

This is a fun house to see – if you can reach your broker in Nantucket, have her break off her vacation and come back to show you this one. If I’m not going to Nantucket, why should she be able to relax up there?


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Kickstarter campaign

(Different Osprey)

Documentary being filmed of the local Ospreys who nest in Old Greenwich and return year after year.

The filmmaker, Jacob Steinberg,  has a Kickstarter pledge page and it’s a worthy cause, in my opinion. I’ve contributed. (As of this writing, Greenwich Time link doesn’t work – this one does).

Here’s his web page, with photos.



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Even Walt’s not rude enough to comment on their gender identity

Olympic volleyball: Farewell to the Queens of the Beach. Mean-spirited.


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In the temple?

FBI: Sikh killer shot himself.


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Buzz kill

Mayor Mike muffs it, squelches free toys. Cancels giveaway of 10,000 vibrators. “Someone could chip a tooth”, he warns.


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