With a new name comes a new working environment

Lockwood & Mead will no longer conduct business as we used to or like this brokerage firm still does:

A real-estate salesman says his former boss threw scissors at him, bit him, intentionally sneezed on him — and even urinated on his clothes.

That’s the old firm – we’re real dignified now, and sales associates are gonna love it.


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3 responses to “With a new name comes a new working environment

  1. Geek Squad

    I see LockwoodMead.com is registered to FF so is it reasonable to presume that the new firm will actually have a website, unlike its dinosaur predecessor EBT? One can only hope so, a real website, not some stagnant page that no one updates or tends to.

  2. I like people like that because they make me look so well-mannered by comparison. I mean, I’ve never intentionally pee’d on anyone.
    (At least, not yet)