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NY house for sale, cheap

Conant Rd groundskeeper, a/k/a Carl Capezza?

25 Conant Valley Road, Pound Ridge, is slated for auction. The former owner, someone named Carl Capezza doesn’t turn up on Google (except when his drunken girlfriend whacked him with his cane last year) but anonymity didn’t spare him from bankruptcy. House sounds just a tad ostentatious:

The 14,000-square-foot house boasts a chef’s kitchen, floor-to-ceiling windows and wrap-around balconies.

It also comes with a spa that includes flame shooters and decorative waterfalls as well as a wet bar, fitness center, sauna and retractable roof.

Outside, the heavily landscaped grounds feature a children’s playground, stone terrace, walking trails and personal hunting grounds.

I have no idea what exactly one hunts on a 6.5 acre piece of land: deer mice? Regardless, there’s no minimum bid for this white elephant so you may want to go see for yourself. Auction is August 22nd.

(h/t, “Peeps”)


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Green Demolitions might be restocked with some fancy appliances soon

Whirlpool White Ice

Whirlpool introduces “White Ice” kitchen appliances for homeowners tired of stainless steel. Looks pretty nice and I can see how the Sub-Zero stainless look is getting old, especially when even Cos Cob bungalow owners have them, using them as   beer coolers alongside their above-ground pools.

So if this new look goes over, happy Greenwich hausfraus may soon be calling up Green Demolitions to donate their old stuff and you, you wise person you, can pick up their discarded appliances for a song.

And you don’t have to wait for that to happen, if you don’t want to. I just checked GD’s website (they’re a great organization, by the way, that does great work for recovering alcoholics and addicts with the proceeds) and saw this AGA 4-oven gas stove, original list price $20,000, on sale for $4,500. I’m not sure I personally would spend that much on any stove, even an AGA (which would be a “cooker” to Hollywood cognizanti) but it’s good looking, AGAs are said to be wonderful performers, and considering what they cost new, this one’s a real bargain. Probably would provide a decorator – approved color contrast to that new white ice refrigerator, too.

AGA 4-oven


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No more nukes

That’s the decision of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, announced August 8th but unnoticed by me or most everyone else – didn’t hit the media outlets I peruse, anyway.

The ruling prohibits the construction of any new plant until the question of long term waste disposal is “solved”, which will, given politics, never happen. Fast breed reactors would do that by eliminating waste, but those were banned under the Clinton administration and aren’t coming back.

So no coal, no nukes, and natural gas plants next on the eco-nuts’ agenda of destruction. Solar? Wind? Are you kidding? They’re after those too.

The goal of these people is nothing less than the destruction of western civilization, and they’re winning.

Other than that, have a nice day.


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Harry Reid: “Who gives a F***? Plenty more where those came from.”

Barack Obama’s other identity

Bowing to pressure, China shuts down (one) fake ID site. China’s been printing them in bulk for years with ever-increasing sophistication, and will doubtless continue to do so for as long as the drinking age in America is 21 and the Democrats need voters.


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