And speaking of Mercedes, there’s this

Now that Ronnie no longer needs me yes, Gideon, I’ll go with you to Pebble Beach!

A reader who wishes to remain anonymous sends along a variety of links to articles about the late owner of Mercedes of Greenwich and his 50-year-younger girlfriend.

This one from the NY Post gives a good expose of the tail tale. And, being the Post, they’ve entitled it, “A Case of the Benz”.

What’s a girl supposed to do?

The mistress of a late luxury-auto dealer is suing his company to enforce a four-year employment contract — even though her sole duty allegedly was sleeping with her boss.

And now, a judge has sided with brunette beauty Emel Dilek [pronounced “da Lick”? – Ed], saying that while the details behind her deal “are worthy of a made-for-television movie,” the agreement could still be binding.

Dilek, a 30-something from Germany, was hired to work at Mercedes-Benz of Greenwich shortly after she and the married part-owner, Ronald Pecunies, began shacking up in a Central Park South love nest in October 2005.

At a deposition, Watson Enterprises owner Arthur “Kitt” Watson testified that he could recall only one thing that Dilek did “on a regular basis” for her job responsibilities.

“She used to sleep with Ron,” he said.

Watson also said his basis for firing Dilek was “that I don’t want my ex-partner’s girlfriend working for me.”

“Or fiancée, excuse me,” he added.

But Manhattan federal Judge Paul Oetken said Dilek’s suit can proceed, noting “that while the circumstances surrounding this contract are unusual in a theatrical sense — indeed they are worthy of a made-for-television movie — the contract itself is not so unusual in the relevant legal sense.”

The disgruntled Kitt Watson (isn’t he the son of the late Greenwich resident, Thomas Watson of IBM?) sold off the business to Roger Penske but Penske, too now has his difficulties. His 30-year-old son was just arrested in Nantucket for urinating on a female he didn’t know. 


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8 responses to “And speaking of Mercedes, there’s this

  1. Anonymous

    owwie…………that explains the viagra IV drip.

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    There once was a man from Nantucket,
    Who refused to piss in a bucket.
    Rather instead, he whizzed on pumps of red,
    And blew his chance to fuck it!

    Your Pal,

  3. Anonymous

    Sorry Walt –
    There once was a man from Nantucket
    Who put all his money in a bucket.
    His daughter named Nan ran off with a man,
    and as for the bucket Nantucket.

  4. Anonymous

    whoops, in this case again Walt is correct.

  5. My rant

    Kit is the son of Arthur K. Watson, Thomas Watson’s brother (both were sons of Thomas Watson, Sr., the founder of IBM). Kit used to drive my school bus in New Canaan–apparently it was due to some bet he had with the old man about whether he could hold down a job for a year.

  6. Does you last sentence imply that you should get to know a woman before you urinate on them?

  7. go for it girl. Take what is yours

  8. Anonymous

    kitt watson is a train wreck. has gotten away with far too much because of the family name.