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If you think this will make the eco-nuts finally shut up, you don’t know your ass from your Prius

Useful idiots march in Copenhagen

AP: CO2 emissions drop to their lowest level in 20 years.

In a surprising turnaround, the amount of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere in the U.S. has fallen dramatically to its lowest level in 20 years, and government officials say the biggest reason is that cheap and plentiful natural gas has led many power plant operators to switch from dirtier-burning coal.

Many of the world’s leading climate scientists didn’t see the drop coming, in large part because it happened as a result of market forces rather than direct government action against carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that traps heat in the atmosphere.

In a little-noticed technical report [The blog, “Whatsupwiththat” noticed and wrote about all this July 2, but he’s just a blogger and thus doesn’t count- ED] , the U.S. Energy Information Agency, a part of the Energy Department, said this month that energy related U.S. CO2 emissions for the first four months of this year fell to about 1992 levels. Energy emissions make up about 98 percent of the total. The Associated Press contacted environmental experts, scientists and utility companies and learned that virtually everyone believes the shift could have major long-term implications for U.S. energy policy.

While conservation efforts, the lagging economy and greater use of renewable energy are factors in the CO2 decline, the drop-off is due mainly to low-priced natural gas, the agency said.

A frenzy of shale gas drilling in the Northeast’s Marcellus Shale and in Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana has caused the wholesale price of natural gas to plummet from $7 or $8 per unit to about $3 over the past four years, making it cheaper to burn than coal for a given amount of energy produced. As a result, utilities are relying more than ever on gas-fired generating plants.

Market forces instead of government action – who could possibly have thought that might be a solution? I blame Cheney.

Read the entire article, if you must, for the knee-jerk, obligatory squawking from people who see their jobs going up in (clean) smoke. But here’s a sampling:

The question is whether the shift is just one bright spot in a big, gloomy picture, or a potentially larger trend.

Also, while natural gas burns cleaner than coal, it still emits some CO2. And drilling has its own environmental consequences, which are not yet fully understood.

“Natural gas is not a long-term solution to the CO2 problem,” Pielke warned.

And this:

“The Sierra Club has serious doubts about the net benefits of natural gas,” said Deborah Nardone, director of the group’s Beyond Natural Gas campaign.

“Without sufficient oversight and protections, we have no way of knowing how much dangerous pollution is being released into Americans’ air and water by the gas industry. For those reason, our ultimate goal is to replace coal with clean energy and energy efficiency and as little natural gas as possible.”

Gee, who could we possibly persuade to take on the onerous duty of providing “oversight and protection”?


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Great news


Osprey hovers over waters of Old Greenwich Harbor

Jacob Steinberg’s Osprey video project has reached its KickStart goal of $45,000 and all pledges have now been released to Mr. Steinberg. Jacob’s parents live in Old Greenwich and our local birds will star in the film. Way to go.

This KickStart idea is such a good one; FWIW readers helped my daughter Kat and her band, now there’s a film going forward by this young man, and so on. I heard on NPR a month or so ago that KickStart’s already raised more money for artists and their projects than the NEA. What a concept: free individuals giving freely to support the arts, instead of a central government taking by force and awarding it to those deemed most politically acceptable to those in power.

And KickStart does it without a billion dollar budget for the supporting bureaucracy.


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Econ. 101 – video, so that even a Harvard 1L can understand it

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Not unless it’s doing a better job in areas other than Greenwich

Business Week: Is the Trulia ipo a wise investment? I can’t speak to Trulia’s estimated home values in other towns but they seem to do a far worse job at understanding the Greenwich market than their competitor Zillow, and that’s not saying much.



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Worse than pedophilia

Barry does Columbia

OMG, InstaPundit may have the scoop of the campaign!

BARACK OBAMA’S WORST NIGHTMARE: MATH. Obama Flunks Econ 101. Actually, I heard from a close friend of Harry Reid’s that Obama flunked Econ 101 three times at Columbia. With such significant rumors out there, the burden should be on Obama to release his transcripts and disprove this serious charge.

Plus: “So it’s time, I think, if Obama ever gets hard questions (maybe People magazine could slip one in), to start answering some basics: 1) Why are his growth and job estimates so far off, so consistently? 2) If we grow at 1 to 2 percent, as most economists think, what happens to the deficit and what impact will his tax hikes have on the ‘recovery’? 3) Why didn’t the $1.2 trillion (interest included) stimulus deliver the uptick he promised? Why would another, smaller variation of that work?”


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Low end inventory is doing just fine

Three sales reported today, including a Cos Cob bidding war (!)

6 Sherwood farms asked $5.2 million and sold for $4.675. Its price history is not readily available to me but I’d be astonished if the owner walked away whole on this one.

10 Anthony Place

10 Anthony Place, Riverside near I-95 asked $699,000 and promptly sold for $680,000.

And 15 Ronald Lane, in Cos Cob, a split described as “as is”, which is always a warning of unpleasant things to be found inside, asked $599,000 and sold for $680,000. Lack of inventory in this price range explains that.



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Links broken

It’s a wordpress tech problem, apparently. With luck they’ll fix it soon.

UPDATE, 9:32 – they fixed it.

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Feeling old, or just nostalgic?

Stanley Owsley: “so remind me: who was this Bob Dylan guy?”

Port Chester’s Capitol Theater to reopen and Bob Dylan will perform in October – ticket sales begin today. Me personally,  my days of attending concerts at the Capitol melted away in 1970 along with that last tab of purple Owsley. But hey, you may want to relive your misspent youth – certainly Dylan does his.


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Which is the bigger scandal, that we have such a fund at all or that its (our) money goes to friends of Barry?

Major Obama contributor receives $20 million from federal government’s Overseas Private Investment Corporation to open luxury car dealership in Ukraine.  He’ll be selling Porches and Jaguars, made in Germany and England, respectively. How can this make sense? Well, besides forking over big bucks to the president, he’s a long time friend of Joe Biden. Next question?


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Tea Party win, or liberals’ enemies eating their own?

RINO shuffles off the stage

“Conservative” Florida Republican and twelve-term congressman Cliff Stearns loses, 33% – 34%, to Tea Party candidate Yoho (Ho and a bottle of rum?). I wasn’t following the race and know nothing about either of these gentlemen but I suspect the Democrats won’t care who won: a conservative Republican goes down and is replaced by a newcomer who will, presumably, be easier to defeat. A win-win for the Dems.

But the other way to look at this is as a harbinger of coming November events: a large block of voters is fed up with incumbents of both parties who have run the country into the ground over the decades with no appreciable difference between the two party labels. That crowd (I count myself among them) is energized, pissed-off and ready to clear the stables.

Could be an interesting election.


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Cos Cob fleet loses its flagship

Last voyage for the Mud Hen

Sort of a sad story, actually. An old Higgins landing craft, brought ashore to serve as the Cos Cob Boat Club’s above-ground pool, is chopped into pieces. “Not to worry,” Commodore David Yudain explained, “soon as we take her to the landfill we’ll bring the dumpster back and use that as our pool instead. Still, we’ll miss the Mud hen – they aren’t building them like that anymore.”

(note from GAR lawyers: this is not a real quote)


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