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If it’s Sunday, it must be time for another doomsday prediction from the warmists

Emergency barrier island

We’re all gonna drown if we don’t reduce CO2 levels to 32 bln tons, worldwide, by 2017. Like all previous such deadlines announced with great solemnity by “experts”, this one is absolutely, really truly, the tipping point – “we mean it, this time!”. Well, we crossed all those earlier irreversible tipping points: 2009, 2010, 2012 yet somehow when the deadline wasn’t met it was simply replaced by a new one. The latest, until today’s, is 2014 which was promised to be 100% accurate some years ago by no less an authority than the Prince of Wales.

We’re not going to reduce CO2 to the level the experts demand by 2014 and we aren’t going to do it by 2017. It’s too much to hope that the media hyenas who repeat these nonsensical warnings can remember even a few years back to the last “tipping point”, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t.

Again: if these tipping points are really (a) accurate and (b) irreversible, then why haven’t we just thrown our hands up and gone about our business? There is, we’ve been promised, nothing we can do about it now.

UPDATE: In response to an earlier post a reader sent along this video Of George Carlin – fabulous.


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Is there anything less marketable than a gargantuan ski lodge?

Lair of the Evil GAR Princess

Probably not. Here’s one more that isn’t selling. And if the owner thinks he can get back even $9 million of the $19 million he claims to have spent building it then he’s as foolish today as he was when he decided to first part with his money.

A 18,722-square-foot ski home on 1.3 acres is coming up for auction with a minimum bid of $9 million. The auction is scheduled to take place at the property on Sept. 21.

The property came on the market earlier this year for $18.5 million. Adjacent to a ski run in Telluride’s Mountain Village, the home offers ski-in ski-out access and overlooks the San Juan Mountains.

The seller is John Cariss, a British businessman who spent $19 million on the home and the land.

Gives new meaning to the term “chump change”.

UPDATE: 18,000 sq. feet on an acre? Greenwich’s former FAR Czar Franklin Bloomer would fall off his tricycle if he heard about this one. And to think that Telluride was once a nice, desolate place offering limited shelter to hippies and (other) wildlife.

UPDATE II: Too funny – the WSJ article quotes the auctioneer as saying that John Cariss is selling “as part of a restructuring of his investment portfolio”. Google says that the idiot and his wife are liquidating everything they so foolishly bought in a desperate attempt to avoid bankruptcy. Good luck with that.


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The solution will be a federal mandate forcing us to buy these things

Don’t force it, use a bigger hammer!

Elkart, Indiana: electric car factory fails – no one wants them.

With unemployment peaking above 20 percent, Elkhart, Indiana was at the white-hot center of the economic meltdown, and a natural launch point for President Obama’s electric vehicle initiative.

” So that’s why I’m here today,” the president said three years ago. “To announce $2.4 billion in highly competitive grants.”

Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels was also on board in convincing Norwegian company Think Global to open a plant in Elkhart to build Think City electric cars with a sticker price of about $42,000.

As incentive, the federal government offered Think City $17 million in stimulus tax credits.

But it turns out the company had a checkered track record, including three previous bankruptcies. We recently visited Think City’s Indiana plant, and here’s what we found: a largely empty warehouse.

Everybody hoped that by this time there would be more than 400 workers inside a bustling plant. Instead, today, there are just two workers at Think City. Rodney and Josh are slowly finishing assembly on a few dozen 2011 models shipped in from Norway.

Now in its fourth bankruptcy, Think Global has been bought by a Russian investor who didn’t return our calls.

Think’s woes caused one of its investors, Ener1, to file for bankruptcy in January. Ener1 spent a $55 million federal grant to make batteries at this factory in Indianapolis for Think City cars.

So what happened? “The market has not been what everybody anticipated it to be with electric vehicles,” said Heiden-Guss.

On the bright side, Elkhart’s jobless rate is less than half what it was before Think City came to town. But that’s due to an uptick in other manufacturing after electric cars ran out of juice.


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Harry Reid’s nephew checks in

The Onion: Man thanks God he’s not sexually attracted to children.

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Ronald Reagan proved right again

Yale School of Forestry study: Trees emit deadly amounts of global – warming methane gas. Clear cut this scourge before it kills again.


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Racism answered forcefully

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra management bans two high school choruses because they “lack diversity”

In response, the musicians of that same orchestra sent the following to the affected schools – pure class.

ATL Symphony Musicians Offer to Perform for Free With Choral Groups

The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Players’ Association has sat by in dismay for the past several days observing the ASO management’s disintegrating relations with Lassiter, Walton, and Grady High Schools, and the whole community.

As musicians who love to play with the talented choruses at these schools, we want to help resolve these ongoing issues.

To that end, the Musicians are making the following offer to Lassiter High School, Grady High School, and Walton High School: We, the ATL Symphony Musicians, will perform for free with the Lassiter, Walton, and Grady choral groups at their schools. Each school can use these performances as fundraisers and keep all of the proceeds for their benefit.

These good people are our children, our students, and our future colleagues and audiences. In short, the ATL Symphony Musicians are one community with them.

We look forward to these fun and exciting performances with some of the top student groups in America.

Now if only the congregants of that Mississippi church that last month barred a black couple from marrying on sacred ground would attend a performance of the ASO, maybe we’d get somewhere in resolving the race problem in America. To quote the late philosopher Rodney King, “can’t we all get along?”


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