If it’s Sunday, it must be time for another doomsday prediction from the warmists

Emergency barrier island

We’re all gonna drown if we don’t reduce CO2 levels to 32 bln tons, worldwide, by 2017. Like all previous such deadlines announced with great solemnity by “experts”, this one is absolutely, really truly, the tipping point – “we mean it, this time!”. Well, we crossed all those earlier irreversible tipping points: 2009, 2010, 2012 yet somehow when the deadline wasn’t met it was simply replaced by a new one. The latest, until today’s, is 2014 which was promised to be 100% accurate some years ago by no less an authority than the Prince of Wales.

We’re not going to reduce CO2 to the level the experts demand by 2014 and we aren’t going to do it by 2017. It’s too much to hope that the media hyenas who repeat these nonsensical warnings can remember even a few years back to the last “tipping point”, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t.

Again: if these tipping points are really (a) accurate and (b) irreversible, then why haven’t we just thrown our hands up and gone about our business? There is, we’ve been promised, nothing we can do about it now.

UPDATE: In response to an earlier post a reader sent along this video Of George Carlin – fabulous.


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9 responses to “If it’s Sunday, it must be time for another doomsday prediction from the warmists

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    Why do you get your panties all in a knot about this stuff? It is not healthy. You need to chill. Let me explain why you do not need to worry about Global Warming. You sub human polar bear.

    The Mayans – they are some extinct wet back Indian culture – feather not dots – have already predicted we are all toast on December 21, 2012. Now these are not any ordinary injuns, Dude. They were way ahead of their time. They built stuff we can’t replicate today, and had technology far beyond their capabilities. Some believe they were visited by aliens. Did your relatives visit South America Dude? Any chance they spent Hanukah there in like 700 A.D? VIVA LAS TACOS!!

    Anyhows, the Mayan’s sacrificed thousands of hot nympho virgins, which seems like a total waste to me, but these guys apparently knew what they were doing. They created the modern calendar, built pyramids, and invented doggie style sex. The dogs sued about this, but lost.

    So my point is, don’t sweat this stuff. Live every day like it is a gift, because it is. And we are all checking out on December 21, 2012. If you look at it like this, and I mean REALLY look at it like this, it is a blessing and not a curse. And that is the Mayan Magic. So relax, you load and go have some fun!!

    So did you totally piss this day away? ME TOO!!
    Your Pal,

  2. Anonymous

    Holy cow, check out the Newsweek cover coming out tomorrow (pic and story at link).

    • Since no one actually reads Newsweek anymore, its impact will be limited to the blog world. Although, if the magazine is still offered for sale in supermarkets (I don’t remember seeing it recently) I suppose the headline might amuse the folks in line.

  3. Anonymous2

    Anonymous@6:26pm: re the Newsweek cover story. As of 7 this morning, the only channel even mentioning the story is Fox. It doesn’t exist to the likes of MSNBC, NBC, or CBS. Instead, the MSM is all over the story of some republican congressman who skinny-dipped. Shocking.

    • The story of Chiobani Yogurt is exactly what you’d think liberals would cheer if they were interested in job creation by individuals rather than passed out by the government.
      The entrepreneur had an idea for “Greek” yogurt (thicker, uses more milk and thus more expensive). Bought a shuttered factory in upstate new York, perfected his product, fought to get a distributor to sell it, worked 7 days a week with just a few family members until the brand was established and now employs hundreds of workers

      But his very success has placed him in the Trial Lawyers’ bullseye who, as the linked to article reveals, are looking for the next big payday – not food safety, not, as in their other ongoing litigation campaigns, handicapped access for cripples or clean air: money. Why some readers would want to turn any part of our economy over to these greedy MF’s is beyond me.

  4. Save Our Balls

    doesn’t your comment above go in the “trial lawyers” thread after my Buckyball entry? It doesn’t seem to fit here.

  5. Greenwich Gal

    George Carlin was a genius. I’m sad he’s gone. Thanks for posting whoever sent it in.
    Hey Walt – maybe you can give up the day trading soon and with a little practice you can be as good as ol’ George. I bet you could!

  6. Save Our Balls

    You are referring to your comments, right?🙂