Ronald Reagan proved right again

Yale School of Forestry study: Trees emit deadly amounts of global – warming methane gas. Clear cut this scourge before it kills again.


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4 responses to “Ronald Reagan proved right again

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    I think, as a people, we have lost our moral compass and sense of values. There is no common good, just special interest groups looking out for what is best for them, and not the Country as a whole. People have a sense of entitlement that is frightening.

    The top 10% of income earners pay over half of the entire tax burden. The bottom half pay nothing. What part of this do liberals not get? This is not a sustainable situation, yet the liberals want this group to pay even more!! It is insane. To fund entitlement programs to which most of the people should not be entitled.

    If some single mother decides to pop out rug rats like a Pez dispenser, why should I have to pay for that? Like Octomom. She already had six future criminals, all by in vitro, and had eight more at one time – by in vitro. All the while on public assistance. She doesn’t have a vagina, she has a clown car!! And we are paying for it.

    When unemployment, welfare, and other social assistance programs started, they were meant as a way to help people get back on their feet. People were embarrassed to be on these programs, and worked very hard to get off. Now it is a way of life.

    The Democrats selling out to the public sector Unions in order to get elected, is coming back to haunt many municipalities. They are going broke left and right. The same thing is happening with the 50% who pay no taxes. Why vote for someone who wants to fix the problem? You vote for the guy who will give you free stuff. That is Barry.

    If you don’t pay taxes, you should not be able to vote. You have no skin in the game, and allowing you to spend other people’s money cannot continue. You need to prove you are a U.S. citizen to vote. What is wrong with that? It is common sense, for Pete’s sake. We need term limits for all elected officials. Congress needs to be held accountable to the same laws they hold us accountable to. Spending is capped for all politicians running for office, and they all spend like amounts.

    Politicians need to value integrity. As does the voting public. They can’t lie and get away with it. Like this one:

    If Massachusetts elects this woman, they deserve everything they get. They already have the Red Sox. Isn’t that pain enough? Elizabeth Warren calling for accountability is akin to the GAR Evil Princess calling for ethics in dirt sales. It is a total joke.

    Brunch today?
    Your Pal,

  2. Anon

    There’s a book in all of Walt’s comments. Someone should go back in FWIW to his first ever appearance then cut and paste them all into a compilation. Sell the book for a nominal price, proceeds to go to a charity of Walt’s choice – his legal fees?

  3. Fred2

    You know I’m starting to wonder if politicians blathering is a significant cause of global warming?

    Between them actually opening their mouth and spewing warm platitudes and nonsense, and all the flying, driving and idiocy they do to get elected, and then all the energy we need expend to refute their assertions…

    I’m starting to thing that having ME be Dictator for Life would be far more climate friendly, there’s just one of me, I’m not one for talking, and if you protest my wise and beneficent choices I’m going to shoot you like a rabid dog. That and the likely hood of my spending money on “alternative energy”, corn ethanol in gasoline, and numberless other boondoggles, corporate and not, as opposed to high priced escorts, cigars and good liquor is minimal, and the latter are far cheaper.

    Win win.

  4. Anonymous

    I watched this last night and it seems appropriate here too.