We don’t have an office yet, but our logo is ready

“Especially Smooth” R Us

Lockwood & Mead, the Oldest Names in Greenwich Real Estate


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12 responses to “We don’t have an office yet, but our logo is ready

  1. cos cobber

    This new name is a total bore. ‘Two Guys and a Computer Realty’ is at least accurate.

  2. Chief Sachem.

    L&M is a registered trade mark. The “smooth” product was known to cause cancer, and was responsible for the health care fiasco, in which billions still owed to the states for their costs. Cough, cough.

    • Well there is a bit of a joke running here, Chief, but never mind- you go get worked up over it anyway.
      Besides, my grandfather was paid good money by cigarette manufacturers to promote the idea that by smoking the damn things ordinary folk, too could become suave, handsome and sophisticated movie stars. Laws have changed since then but is it really so impossible to believe that buying a house through L&M won’t bring the same benefits?
      Just continuing a family tradition.

  3. Al Dente

    Do you offer your services in menthol?

  4. GWChase

    For the “Oldest names in Greenwich Realty” you can do better than a 60’s logo – maybe an oval plaque with the names in gold; somewhat like an attorney’s shingle. (Though I do like the “unfiltered truth”).

  5. FF

    Cobber- Boring is the new exciting! Haven’t you watched Mitt Romney for even a second?

  6. Sound Beacher

    O/T, but here is an item about the Metro North change in ticket policy.
    As a commuting town this is a real estate factor and the RR should be taken to task for these money grubbing moves. We have the worst service, rising prices, and are still waiting for more of the “new M8” trains to be launched.

  7. Cos Cobber

    FF, being from Cos Cob, you know I prefer the lady wrestler’s approach vs Mitt’s. Mitt is speaking to Riverside and OG while McMahon speaks to Cos Cob & Glenville. Btw, Greenwich proper looks to Ben Bernake.

  8. hmmm

    sound beacher,

    all of the commuters should take 2 weeks offf….how come the private non unionized people never strike? it’s time we did….

    everyone should take two weeks off then a third until they change to rules to satisfy the people paying…if that doesn’t work take a 4th week off and so on…figure out another way into the city…

  9. AndyD

    Hey Soundbeacher, why do you think we have “the worst service”?

    I ride that train everyday and service is very good relative to NJT and LIRR. and 250/month is lower than those lines for similar distances as Riverside to GCT.