Awww. Occupy protestors hit burn out

They’ve quit their pup tents and gone home to collect their allowances.How could this happen when they had such an appealing agenda, one praised by the president of the United States, no less, and Nancy, “God Bless the Occupy Movement” , Pelosi? Here’s one young man explaining what’s left of the group’s strategy for the coming weeks:

S17 organizers said at meetings in New York this month that they’re planning for teams of protesters to avoid police on Sept. 17 by circulating around intersections, holding spaces long enough to give out food or offer free medical care. “We are just going to cause chaos, period,” said Drew Hornbein, 25, who helped develop the website for Occupy’s New York General Assembly. “Have you ever been in poverty in this country? Talk about inconvenience. I don’t have any sympathy for anyone who has any semblance of middle-class life in this country — no sympathy.”

The left has always despised the middle-class, of course, so it’s no wonder that Hollywood and Washington have so loved the Occupy mob, but they keep forgetting: most of us are middle-class, and don’t really want to be eliminated. I suspect that we know that there’s only so much room in Upper West Side penthouses and if, as in New York City, the country is to be divided into a thin strata of the super-rich and the rest consigned to poverty, we of the middle-class will be polishing, not riding in those limos.


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  1. This is not a comment on your posted topic, but it seems there are radical changes going on in the area of the Stamford marinas. I drove by the site of the old Saltwater Grille yesterday, which some may remember as The Rusty Scupper. There is a demolition permit poster up and a crew whacking away at it. I asked if another restaurant was going to be going in there and a local said no – that the office building next to it was going to be expanded.
    Then, today I’m reading the NY Post, and there’s an article on a group fighting to save their boatyard slips from the development plans of an asset management company called Bridgewater Associates, owned by Ray Diallo. That’s involving the Harbor Point boatyard, also in Stamford. I figure this topic may be of interest to some of your readers, as they can’t all have their boats docked or moored within the Greenwich borders.
    It doesn’t affect me, but I like to be up on what’s going on on all local waterfronts. On a side note, I miss the days when there were cheap restaurants and diners on the water….anyone remember Captain Henry’s in Rowayton?

  2. Anon

    I think I know the answer already but I’ll ask anyway: did you watch any of the GOP speeches last night? If you didn’t, you missed some sensational moments. Ted Cruz, Nikki Haley, Scott Walker, Ann Romney, and of course, the keynote, Chris Christie. Some clunker speeches too: Santorum and Virginia Governor, blah blah blah, but overall, a great night for the GOP. Post-speeches, MSNBC anchors Matthew’s and Maddow found every vituperative word in Webster’s to bring down the evening. What a shame.

    • I did listen to part of Christie’s speech on the radio but it was late and I fell asleep. Reading the web this morning I learn that MSNBC cut away every time a black Republican spoke, Juan Williams dismissed Ann Romney as a “corporate wife”, which is apparently today’s pc term for “stay at home mom” – Williams a chauvinist pig? Who’d have guessed? Etc.
      All of which is why I don’t use tv as a source of news- or entertainment, but that’s another story.

  3. Anon

    peeps: a couple of weeks ago, Sound Beacher linked an article here about what is going on.

  4. Corn in the Cob

    This is off-topic, but I was driving to the train station this morning, listening to WGCH (I know, I’m the last guy in the world listening to local AM radio), and heard heard the following radio ad from McMahon’s campaign against Murphy. Pretty funny, I thought. Not that it will affect the outcome or anything. But it gave me a good chuckle.

    [audio src="" /]

  5. Anon

    Corn: how hysterical. Thanks for a good morning laugh. Murphy, Murphy….

  6. hmmm

    back to your post…

    that’s cause they’re losers and if it weren’t for their rich parents (who are hugely disappointed in them i am sure although i have no proof) they would be living under bridges somewhere

    oh and corn in the cob…linda might win don’t count her out yet…if the people of ct want to get back to work they best wake up…and i think they are catching on….

  7. Sound Beacher

    Peeps: Here is more of Bridgewater and Malloy in the news. Richest Hedge Fund needs/gets State funding to take away the oldest working boat yard in the area, this seems questionable, no?

  8. AndyD

    The move BL&T pulled to get around the “working marina” clause in their building permits was a downright slap in the face to boaters. A recent Advocate article said they will retain summer boat slips but how many is the question. We are definitely running out of boat slips. I wonder how much a thirty foot slip in cos cob goes for these days.

  9. Fred2

    “Richest Hedge Fund needs/gets State funding to take away the oldest working boat yard in the area, this seems questionable, no?”

    No simply vital state interests, ( money) taking precedence of nonsense like zoning and property rights.

  10. Memories… Yacht Havens East & West, The Admiral Benbow…

  11. Dollar Bill

    You can’t make this stuff up: Romney is toasting his top donors tonight aboard a 150 ft. Yacht flying the flag of the Cayman Islands. All true. The Romneybot isn’t even trying to hide his 1%, but let’s make fun of Occupy instead. Anyone who thinks this arrogant greedhead — who got rich due to perversities in our tax code –s best equipped to tackle the problems of the middle class is sadly deluded.

  12. Anonymous

    DB: but visions of Kerry’s billions and his yacht idling in the Caribbean while scoffing at paying Massachusetts tax is okay. His wife made her money the old fashioned way – her husband croaked. Can you honestly tell me Kerry isn’t a greehead? Or Teddy Kennedy? Or John Edwards? Or Nancy Pelosi? Let’s not forget Al Gore, who jets around his four multi-million houses. You would have wanted Al Gore to manage our country’s money? Talk about being deluded pal.

    • Anon, as I keep reminding readers, Dollar Bill’s comments are posted here solely as a source of amusement and an illustration of what a genuine “useful idiot” sounds like and what the mush oozing from his ears looks like. There is no point trying to engage him, although I used to try, because he is incapable of reason. So just enjoy him for what he is, a pathetic example of the liberal class.

  13. Cos Cobber

    Weighing in on Harbor Point: my feeling is that the enormous promise of the Bridgewater (“BW”) deal is worth the loss of the Brewer Yacht Haven boat yard as long the following is incorporated into the plan: If you think about it, this deal could really squeeze a lot of positive improvements to the Stamford waterfront out of the BW site remediation and construction.
    1) The entire perimeter of the BW site remains a public walk way like they have already constructed down at harbor point where the site work is completed. This will be an improvement for the public as the current boatyard was not open to the public.
    2) The number of slips at the BW is unchanged and all are renovated. The will be an improvement for the publuc as the current boatyard is deteriorating, so all new docs will be a benefit for a generation to come. Furthermore, the site is contaminated which requires remediation work far beyond what any return on investment recreational boating could supply in the years to come. Its not economically viable to repair all the bulkheads and remediate the site and have it paid for by future boating fees….the numbers dont work.
    3) The City should require that the new boatyard BLT has proposed on Maghee Ave has a large boat ramp and lift, sewer pump out and fueling station. It might also be a good idea to require that the BW site continues to have a fueling station as well, not sure if that necessary though.

    So here are the pros:
    1000 new high paying jobs + a transfer of another 1000 high paying jobs + a new flagship building + new public waterfront walkway space + renovated slips + a remediated site + new modern boat yard on maghee ave = big win. A gift frankly.

    And the con: less surface area for winter boat storage.

    • I’m pretty much with you, CC, but then, these days I’m using other people’s boats so my concern over where to store the damn thing is not very high. I used to head way up the coast for storage because winterization, mechanical repairs and storage were so much cheaper. Former Brewer users might be pleasantly surprised at the benefits of being evicted.

  14. anonymous

    is there a big $ difference/savings in winter storing your boat in connecticut versus over the border in rye, where there are tons of options.

  15. Cos Cobber

    Sorry for my sloppy post. I didn’t have a chance to clean it up before sending.