No surprise here

Dannel Malloy addresses the faithful

A reader sends along news that Governor Dannel Malloy has appointed a communist to the post of Commissar of Labor. Sharon Palmer, currently head of the American Federation of Teachers (do tell – Ed), attended and was honored at the 2004 celebration of the founding of the Communist Party USA. She gave a stirring speech and then returned to foment revolution among the mush-heads under her charge.

Here’s a thought experiment: would you be comfortable with a governor who recently attended a celebration of the Communist Party’s founding? Who accepted an honorary award from the group? And what if, instead of attending such a convention himself, he appointed to a top position in his administration someone who did?

And if that doesn’t give you pause, try substituting the Nazi Party for the Communists – same philosophy of state ownership of individuals yet for some odd reason, the Nazi’s engender more loathing among many people. Should Malloy appoint a member of the Nazi party to be his Labor Reichmeister?


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5 responses to “No surprise here

  1. Cos Cobber

    And you thought you had a hard time dealing with the state before with your company name change. Wait until this nut gets going.

    Malloy has handed the republicans a gift. FF?

  2. CatoRenasci

    Malloy only won because of vote fraud in Bridgeport.

    Less than 10,000 votes get us communists in office.

    And the head of the teachers’ union, to boot.

    We’ve put up with all of these idiot leftists since the 1960s when all the cool kids went from ‘liberal’ to socialist, commie, and anti-American primarily because they were cowards. They burrowed, activated, indoctrinated our kids, and have brought us to the precipice and half-way over it.

    A reckoning is coming. One may devoutly wish it is only at the ballot box.

  3. Anonymous

    Fudrucker & Malloy’s Commie cronies in Hartford and in the Democratic party think there is a lot looting left to be done and that the Greenwich/Fairfield County host can support their parasitism.

    Wait for the coming Morgan Stanley collapse; that will shake things up. BofA and Citi won’t escape unscathed.

  4. Its time to march against these commies. The wiord communist is not used enough in this state or country when speaking to other people. Let’s support aggression.