Not even completed but sold already

Go figure

16 Hendrie Avenue, asking $4.150 million reports an accepted offer. Not my choice of an idyllic, peaceful street but then, I’m not buying it.

Its price is in line with two other sales of new construction on Hendrie, one just a few doors up, the other on the corner of Bramble, so obviously there’s a market for homes with a view of the passing parade.


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3 responses to “Not even completed but sold already

  1. Anonymous

    Houses are selling when they are near a train station(transportation), good schools within walking distance, small yards (no maintenance), and neighbors with kids so their kids have other kids to play with…without driving all over the place. Location! Location! Location! ….new or old, it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

  2. Anonymous

    Who was the builder on this? Great house.

  3. New in Town

    The builder is Dennis Conroy. His other houses are top notch too. The house on Winthrop that went in a bidding war last year was one of his. It wasn’t new but it felt very new and well done.