Peter Malkin for Mayor

Okay, here in Greenwich we eschew the title Mayor and use First Selectman as a tonier alternative, but if you want a snappy headline, gotta go for mayor. In any event, Malkin has proposed dumping our current First Selectman Peter Tesei’s idea of relocating the town’s Senior Center to prime waterfront property the town owns at the Island Beach ferry.  Instead, Malkin suggests, build a center on a currently-unused parcel of the YMCA and lease the waterfront land to a developer for high-end luxury housing.

I’d go Malkin one better: close the existing center, toss the old folks out and sell the land to a developer to return it to the tax roll. But, like Malkin, I’m not running for mayor, so I can say such cruel things. My guess is our politicians will buy us another new building to maintain and the seniors will be playing bingo there for years to come.


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16 responses to “Peter Malkin for Mayor

  1. anonymous

    Malkin’s got plenty of dough, or his wife does.. why doesn’t he put his money where his mouth is and donate the new building.

    • I believe Mr. Malkin contributes a huge amount of money, every year, to a wide variety of charities. But I’m sure if you care to help with your own money, something could be done to put your generosity to work for a worthy cause.

  2. Clear symptoms of advanced stages of wannabe city disease.
    Sick……we need to vote on a real Town Plan.
    Not continue to put up with and be victimized by donor dominated politics and “real” estate ‘planning”.

  3. Anonymous2

    Why does a town like this even have a “senior center”?

    And we sure as hell don’t need a town plan. Go look at Stamford.

    Two wonderful examples of collectivism.

  4. Cos Cobber

    And in other town news, its interesting that the incoming Cos Cob school kindergarten class is 95 students, 35 more than anticipated. They had to add two more classes to make 5 in total. The usual class size for a number of years now has been in the 55-70 range.

  5. Just_looking

    I am not popular in our town with my opinion that we do not need a senior cent at all, althought we are in the process of a multimillion dollar “shuffle” to build a new senior center and move the BOE to grand new quarters.
    Our senior center does not require town residency, it’s most popular program is the hot lunch and very little participation in any programs that require a fee. As noted they have lunch and play cards. This competes with for profit businesses offering lunch out of the home and there are other venues that could host a dozen seniors playing cards in the middle of the day. Bur good luck with getting a majority to view it that way.

  6. Now here’s a Greenwich resident with real entrepreneurial zeal:

    I think local political office is the obvious next step for him.

  7. anonymous

    Is it just me or do I find unbridled arrogance in a rich guy like Malkin telling the town what’s best for it with no plan to make it happen. And this business of using the Parks and Rec building for privately owned rental apartment building – let me guess what developer he thinks should get that little gift?

  8. Anonymous

    Why not make improvements in the current building and call it a day?

  9. Town Plan by vote is opposite of central planning wimpy 2 aka as anonymous2.
    What we have now is a lawyer,”planner”, P.E. brain driven sad ugly joke with back up by P.O.Continuous Dabblement dominated by bought off NGO ops..

  10. malkin is no typical senior

    seniors and their depends unerwear in the pool, good combination. how fit are those seniors malkin, most the seniors i see at arts center are about 90 yrs or older..and prob cannot walk across from the bruce bldg to your new post office bldg.

  11. anonymous

    Thank you Lord Peter. Where will your munificent (with our money) gaze land next to improve the lives of your serfs?

  12. People might change their minds about not needing a senior center when they start aging, their spouse passes away, their friends keep dying, and yet they don’t need a nursing home yet…just somewhere to go where a librarian or someone doesn’t shush you when you try to talk to others or make sure you keep buying something to enable you to keep your seat occupied.