Democrat’s panicking, lose their pointy heads

Does this dress make me look stupid?

Democrat Party Chairman Debbie Wasserman crashes the Republican convention. Why would Democrats break the long-standing tradition of each party leaving the other alone during their conventions for such a meaningless display of impotence? What was this supposed to achieve?

Wasserman’s appearance in the convention hall (she dragged along that lady who demands free birth control, for reasons as mysterious as her own) was so pointless, so bizarre, it can only be a sign of hysteria, and I don’t think that hysteria is confined to two ugly women – the entire party is losing it. That happens when you have a candidate trying to run away from a record of sheer incompetence and failure, I guess.


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4 responses to “Democrat’s panicking, lose their pointy heads

  1. browbeater44

    I hope you’re right

  2. hmmm

    they’re finished and they know it

  3. Balzac

    This woman and Pelosi are like wind-up dolls: they will mouth the same short and shallow sound-bites, regardless of the questions posed to them or the facts at issue,

  4. Just_looking

    It does not matter. The us electorate has consistently proven at they do not vote based on facts.