Good news for the human race haters at Environmentalists R Us

Loved “The World Without Us”? *Join Earth Day rallies to cheer on the elimination of er, us? Then here, let me make your day: Drug resistant tuberculosis is spreading around the globe and headed our way. What with super-bugs becoming immune to antibiotics, a good scourge of TB should help achieve every budding environmentalists dreams.

Most troubling was an interview with a 12-year old girl who said she had been taught in school that global warming was real, that there were too many people on the planet, and that, based upon what she has learned at school, humans should not exist.

Her mom stood next to her, proudly looking on.



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3 responses to “Good news for the human race haters at Environmentalists R Us

  1. Balzac

    The Malthusian environmentalists have always been sure that the human race is doomed, resource scarcity will be deadly, blahblahblah. They are completely refuted by Matt Ridley’s recent book, The Rational Optimist:

    p. 238: ” ….it is an undeniable if surprising fact, often overlooked, that fossil fuels have spared much of the landscape from industrialization. Before fossil fuels. energy was grown on land and it needed lots of land to grow it…..If America were to grow all its own transport fuel as biofuel it would need 30 per cent more farmland than it currently uses to grow food. ….to supply just the current 300 million inhabitants of the United States with their current power demand of roughly 10,000 watts each (2,400 calories per second) would require:
    • Solar panels the size of Spain [2.7 times the area of New England – sorry- no room for people there]
    • Or wind farms the size of Kazakhstan [about one-third the area of the lower 48 states]
    • Or woodland the size of India and Pakistan
    • Or hayfields for horses the size of Russia and Canada combined
    • Or hydroelectric dams with catchments one-third larger than all the continents put together

    As it is, a clutch of coal and nuclear power stations and a handful of oil refineries and gas pipelines supply the 300 million Americans with nearly all their energy from an almost laughably small footprint….”

    To the enviro-wackos: solar and wind power waste massive amounts of land. Shouldn’t land be considered a resource to be protected?

  2. The twelve-year-old is partly right. There are some humans who should not exist.