At Harvard, learning by doing

Joe Biden addresses graduates: “Hey, I did it and look where I ended up!”

Half the students in Harvard’s gut course ” Introduction to Congress” accused of cheating on final exam.

“We always stress academic integrity with our students,” [College Committee on Academic Integrity head Jay Harris]   said. “It’s very hard to explain to someone that even though this course was about Congress and students might therefore believe that cheating was both expected and appropriate,  this raises ethical concerns and that’s not OK.” [Note from our lawyers: this quote has been juiced up a bit – Ed].

What’s most impressive about this story is the intended punishment for anyone proved to have cheated: probation, no milk with their cookies and a really, really scary lecture from the dean. Some colleges – I attended a couple of them – expel, or used to expel students caught cheating. Not so at Harvard, not any more. “There’s a crying need for Harvard graduates on Wall Street,” Harris [could have] said. “We can’t just cut off the spigot now and abandon our benefactors.”


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4 responses to “At Harvard, learning by doing

  1. Didn’t AlGore and Teddy Kennedy-Chappaquiddik get similar treatment at Harvard?

  2. How do you think most of them got into Harvard? Fake SAT scores, rampant cheating in high school these days.

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    I know that the Orca was suspended from Hahvahd for cheating on a Spanish exam by. Having someone else take it for him. The Al (crashing) Bore bit is new to me.

  4. Out Looking In

    Cheating without being detected is a highly desirable trait encouraged at Harvard. The most successful get to graduate with full honors and become Presidents, or if really lucky, the Chairman of Goldman Sachs!