Chris Matthews should move to Greenwich so he can meet some genuine black people

That suppressed homosexual Chris, “I feel a tingle down my leg” Matthews says he’s an expert on race relations because “I go back to living in D.C. all these years. I’ve lived there 40 years, a black-majority city, and anybody who wants to get up early in Washington and drive down North Capitol and drive past Florida Ave., sees nothing but young, but black people up at 6:30 in the morning going to work.”

In fact, Mr. Matthews lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland, with a resident population of ten blacks. Confronted, Matthews expressed surprise: “You mean those maids and domestics going to work don’t live here? Well then, how about my garbage man, did you count him? He’s definitely a real kneegrow. I’m pretty sure he has a garage apartment somewhere around here and he’s my bro – I speak rap with him and everything, twice a week on pick-up days. So I know these folks”, he insisted, “they’re my peeps”.

If Matthews wants to expand his consciousness while still remaining safe and living in a nice, safe neighborhood, he really should come on up here – I’ll sell him a house next to Wilbur Peck.

Eat your heart out, 50 Cent!

UPDATE: Inagua points out that, when he’s not getting down with his black brothers, Matthews spends time with “the people” at that bastion of the underprivileged, Nantucket. Notice that he’s got the right wife for that too: just as the Golden Retriever is the official dog of Nantucket, so too is its human equivalent: blonde, spoiled and vacuous.


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30 responses to “Chris Matthews should move to Greenwich so he can meet some genuine black people

  1. GeorgeCrosley

    You’re probably thinking of “repressed,” not “suppressed” homosexual Chris Matthews, but I may be missing some subtlety.

  2. Greenwich Gal

    Chris Matthews actually used to be a decent commentator a while back but now he has no sense of journalistic integrity and nonbias. He has resigned himself to being a shill for the Democrats. I can’t stand him.

  3. browbeater44

    who’s worse, Chris Matthews or lawrence o’donnell….??

  4. CatoRenasci

    Nah, he wouldn’t gt it here. The kneegrows in Wilbur Peck probably won’t tug their dreadlocks in obeisance suffiently for the Leg Tingler.

  5. Peg

    I turned on MSNBC last night during a small lull at Fox. Apparently some can watch for a while…. I’m not sure I made it through 2 minutes.

    Not sure what you’d call their programming, but “news” or even any sort of rational “opinion journalism” ain’t it.

  6. Anon

    I try to stomach watching MSNBC so I can see what the opposition is saying but it always seems to be crap, tearing down, ripping apart the smallest line of a speech or a spate of personal attacks. But the networks have taken their cue from Obama. He does the same thing; he’s rarely positive, rather he gets people to vote for him because he tells them it is fine to hate the other side. I didn’t see CNN after the speeches last night. Anyone know what their takes was on Romney and Rubio…and Clint? Matthew’s was spitting venom so I changed the channel.

    browbeater: worse = lawrence o’donnell.

    • I don’t bother keeping tabs on much of the major media outlets because I already know what they’ll say and do and because I’m pretty sure they’re just talking to their dwindling base. Galloping towards irrelevance.

  7. Linda in Poughkeepsie

    It was interesting how early in the evening MSNBC was showing a twitter crawl of pro Republican statements. Meanwhile the commentators were blathering about fact checking and Ryan’s speech. Lo and behold someone noticed and the twitter crawl was removed the rest of the night. Can’t have any favorable Republican statements on that network!

  8. Anon

    Peg: How was the movie 2016? You mentioned last week you were going to see it.

  9. Inagua

    This man of the people also has a second home in Nantucket.

  10. Anonymous

    The uber-wealthy in their campaign to Hamptonize Nantucket steadily have driven away the local (mostly white) population. This year Nantucket High won’t have enough students to field a football team and the Vineyard-Nantucket game is off.

    The former locals are being replaced by Jamaicans. It’s unclear that’s an uptick.

  11. Walt

    Dude –
    I was watching Chris Mathews last night, and he was commenting on Eastwood’s speech. Obviously trashing it.

    Then he started to critique certain lines. Specifically the part where Clint was talking about Democrats and Republicans, after he said “all politicians work for us”. Then Eastwood said “And when somebody does not do the job, we got to let them go.”

    If you watch the speech, no one but a moron, or a liar could interpret it like Mathews did. He spun this as Clint defending Romney on his firing of women while at Bain!! I shit you not. He CLEARLY meant we should fire Barry. And he even criticized them for not using the word “firing” but rather letting them go. It was frigging staggering.

    If he doesn’t have the brain power to comprehend the content, he certainly shouldn’t be allowed to comment on it.

    Anyhows, I liked Clint’s speech. I wish I could have worked in a few lines for him though. Want to hear them? OK!!

    Clint’s first line to the audience:
    “My name’s Clint Eastwood, and I’ve drunk more beer and banged more quiff and pissed more blood and stomped more ass that all of you numbnuts put together”. As Gunnery Sargent Highway in Heartbreak Ridge Dude!!

    Clint talking to the chair:
    “You want me to do WHAT to my weasel?”
    “If you just leave now, we will continue to feed your Wookie”
    “A good man always knows his limitations” Dirty Harry Dude!!

    Clint to the audience:
    “Bout time this town had a new Sheriff” High Plains Drifter!!

    Where is the BBQ again? What should I bring?
    Your Pal,

  12. AJ

    Doesn’t Nantucket have a fairly large black population that’s been there for hundreds of years?

    • Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard hosted a large summer colony of upper and middle class black families since before the turn of the last century, though whether any of the middle class, black, white or green still survives on the island seems unlikely.
      Nantucket was Quaker whalers and having a good working relationship with that faith, I’m fairly confident that there were few, if any blacks counted in their community.

  13. Sy Kotic

    Tingle Matthews, Lawrence O’Donnell, Big Ed, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Mancow – all CRAZY PEOPLE! I watch that network for a laugh, much funnier than Bill Maher.

  14. Balzac

    Matthews has some sentimental warmth for theoretical blacks, and is prideful about it. As for actually helping some living African-American individual, probably not so much.

    Kinda like Obama empathizing with the unemployed, while in the real world inhabited by Americans, his policies have hurt the poor more than any recent president.

    Liberals feel that their sentimentality and wishes are more important than actual results.

  15. pulled up in OG

    Obama tells Romney to go fuck himself and the camera cuts to Ryan explaining it to his wife. Priceless.

  16. Anonymous

    Chris’s wife works for Marriott Corp,a Mormon Company,she is smart,nice,and used to be a local news anchor on the ABC affiliate in DC. HIS brother is a Conservative…..Bet not much being said between them!

  17. AJ

    From the Nantucket Historical Association:
    ‘Black-White Relations on Nantucket’
    “Prior to the Civil War, no issue more sharply divided Americans than the issue of race. Yet on Nantucket, blacks and a substantial number of whites nurtured a working relationship that recognized both racial differences and shared human characteristics. While the vast majority of American blacks in 1773 languished under the pains and deprivations of slavery, many in Nantucket could pursue a livelihood and plan their futures as free people.

    Nantucket, of course, was not spared the experience of slavery. The earliest evidence of it on the island appeared in the records of the monthly meeting of the Society of Friends on June 26, 1716. By 1733 Elihu Coleman’s tract against slavery had been published. In it he wrote, “Now I can truly say that this practice of making slaves of men appears to be so great an evil to me, that for all the riches and glory of this world, I would not be guilty of so great a sin as this seems to be.” Even during racial crises such as that involving school integration, when polarization between blacks and whites increased, this opposition to slavery continued on Nantucket.

    Primarily as a result of Quaker influence, race relations on the island during and after the American Revolution were more harmonious than elsewhere in the nation. Even though racial antipathy continued to undermine black–white relations, the Quaker presence and the long tradition of abolitionist activities had an ameliorating effect.

    Blacks had been a part of Nantucket’s population since the early eighteenth century. The first Nantucket census in which blacks were officially counted occurred in 1764. Out of a population of 3,570 individuals, fifty “Negroes” and one hundred forty-eight “Indians” were counted. By the 1820 census the number of “coloreds” had increased to 274. Ten years later the names of Arthur Cooper, Samuel Harris, Absalom Boston, and Stephen Pompey appeared as heads of households in the census. These men and their families played leading roles in the development of cooperative race relations on the island and established an African Meeting House, one of the first black institutions in the nation….”

    And I’d be surprised if Chris Matthews didn’t know them all. Sorry CF, I believe I might have confused Nantucket history with that of Nova Scotia.

  18. AJ Nock

    Small world. She works for Marriott, who is a prominent Mormon and friend of Mitt Romney

    Kathleen Matthews is the chief communications and public affairs officer for Marriott International (NYSE:MAR), the leading global hotel company based in Bethesda, Maryland. She is responsible for the company’s external and internal communications including global brand and corporate public relations, corporate social responsibility, and government affairs. She co-chairs Marriott’s Executive Green Council and serves on the U.S. Travel and Tourism Advisory Board to the Secretary of Commerce, as well as the boards of the U.S. Travel Association, the International Tourism Partnership, and the Economic Club of Washington. She is also currently active in the World Economic Forum Policy Councils.

    Matthews is a 1975 graduate of Stanford University and was a 2004 Fellow at the Institute of Politics at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. She has honorary degrees from the University of South Carolina and Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia. Since 1980 she has been married to Chris Matthews, host of Hardball and The Chris Matthews Show. They live in Chevy Chase, Maryland, and have three children. Matthews is active in her community and industry, and has served on the boards of the U.S. Travel Association, Catholic Charities, the Black Student Fund, Suited for Change, Ford’s Theatre, Shakespeare Theatre Company, Nantucket Film Festival and Nantucket Dreamland Theater.

    Prior to her career at Marriott, she was an award winning news anchor at the ABC-TV affiliate in Washington, D.C., for 25 years, and hosted the nationally syndicated “Working Woman” television show. She has been named Washingtonian of the Year by Washingtonian Magazine, and a “Woman Who Means Business” by the Washington Business Journal. She has also been awarded nine local Emmys and other top honors during her journalism career.

    In 2011, Matthews launched her blog “Do A Latte” chronicling her travels across the globe. Matthews’ blog provides insight into her work with Marriott, philanthropic efforts, and personal world.

  19. Peg

    2016 was FABULOUS! Here’s why.

    1st – the production was done by the same guy who produced Shindler’s List. Very high quality. 2nd – the movie comes from a book written by D’Sousa, an Indian immigrant the same age as Obama, many of whose “key dates” mirror those of Obama. His tone throughout the movie is very moderate, even keeled and definitely non-“attacking”. He puts together a case, and – #3 – much of his case uses the words of Obama himself, from his own book, speaking in his own voice, throughout the movie.

    I recommend that everyone see it! Interested in what others think…

  20. Inagua

    Peg – I saw it. It does an excellent job of speculating as to why Obama is a statist with only lukewarm enthusiasm for America. Now please explain to me why Nancy Pelosi raised Catholic in Baltimore, and Harry Reid raised Mormon in Searchlight, and so many other Democrats have precisely the same views.

  21. If someone will pay for my ferry and room at a B&B, I will go sit at various spots on MV and try to count all the black people I can see over the course of a week. Oh, and also throw in my moped and meals, please.

  22. Peg

    Inagua, I have a bunch of friends who are very nice people – and – they have the same views, too! Somehow, they seem to think that some tiny, “benevolent & wise” group of politicians can tell ALL the rest of us how we must live – and mandate it into law – and – that is superior to the real way Americans should be governed, enshrined in our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

    They seem to think that if we have these “brilliant and wise” leaders, like Obama, Biden, Pelosi and Reid (godhelpus) in power – that they will create all these marvelous laws and perfect our lives. They never seem to consider that you could have politicians in power that would force us to do things that THEY THEMSELVES despise. Nor do they ever seem to appreciate the TRUE diversity of humanity (different priorities, preferences, likes and dislikes, etc.) And lots more.

    WHY do they have these views? Well – for my friends, my primary answer is they are naive. For these politicians – I think it’s because it’s their way of gaining and holding on to power.

    After all; how do YOU think Reid became a multi-millionaire on his salary?!?!

    • At the risk of offending Dollar Bill by mentioning a third-rate economist, may I suggest that you give your friends a copy of Hayek’s “Road to Serfdom”? He discusses exactly this fallacy – in fact, he wrote the book on it!

  23. Inagua

    Peg – You have nailed it. For people who do not follow or understand public policy, the liberal sound bite positions always sound appealing — clean air, clean energy, equal pay for equal work, no pre-existing conditions, health care for all, the rich should pay their fair share, save General Motors, no nukes, give peace a chance, etc. Unfortunately, when you add these loose thinkers to the moochers, you generally get a majority of the electorate.

  24. Peg

    Oh Chris; if ONLY my friends would read Hayek – and comprehend it! Alas; they seem to have bought into the NYTimes’ “2nd rate economist” BS.

    How hard is it to understand that if it were THAT easy to perfect life, then all we’d have to do is elected the “right folks” to power and we’d have no poverty, crime, hunger, homelessness, sickness and so forth on so on.

    Hey; we had Obama in power with a Democratic Congress in 2009…. Why wasn’t Heaven on Earth achieved then?! (I know; I know – it was GWB’s fault……….)🙂

  25. Andy

    Hannity needs to be institutionalized!!