When euphemisms kill

Attack of the marine life

Nauset Beach in Cape Cod has been closed to swimmers, signs posted on the water’s edge advise, “due to the presence of marine life in the water“. How much more effective would that warning be if the Nauset Tourism Bureau had permitted authorities to reveal the real reason for the closure: great white sharks have been chewing on bathers.



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7 responses to “When euphemisms kill

  1. cos cobber

    Does this mean the cape will be offering seal clubbing permits – particularly on days when the beach is closed? I usually swim the nantucket sound side for the warm waters. The eastern shore is beatiful – water crystal clear – but ice cold even in august with the benefit of global warming.

    In any event, this saddens me – I’ll never have the courage to swim those waters again.

  2. ActnHero

    Saw the sign yesterday and laughed. The water was 58 degrees, so no chance I was getting in that water without a wetsuit anyway.

  3. Out Looking In

    I was there last week- they closed Nauset Light beach on account of “high bacteria count” according to well-dressed park ranger. So we drove 3 miles north to Macaroni Beach and froze our buns off in the 62 degree surf. Great waves without the great whites. But we did come across two seals just a few yards away from us…no wonder the sharks are hanging out

  4. Libertarian Advocate

    Nahhhh, they’re just trying to keep bitter clinger Carcherophobes from showing up with heavy artillery.

  5. Anonymous

    From the comments at the linked article:


    Great White Sharks close Cape Cod beaches.. it’s all fun & games until someone is a swimming treat

    It took a few seconds to sink in and then I truly did laugh out loud. 😆

  6. anon

    Anonymous: Funny! Very funny.