Sun Myung Moon dead at 92


Time’s up!

Always good for a laugh, but what wasn’t so funny was the government imprisoning him for 18 months after a conviction for failing to pay an $8,000 tax bill. If an annoying personality and megalomania justifies the full weight of the government crushing an individual, watch out, John Travolta, beware, Barry.


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6 responses to “Sun Myung Moon dead at 92

  1. anon

    am i conflating two cults or were the orange robed flower-handing airport hippies the moonies?

  2. anon

    then who/what are moonies?

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    Kahr Arms is owned and run by Justin Moon (ne: Moon Kook-jin) who is the son of Moon Sun-Myung. He makes pricey but very good handguns. Check ’em out at

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    The Hare Krishna movement was started in 1966 by Harvey Kirsch, a Brooklyn Jew who couldn’t get laid. And this was in the middle of the free love movement, so you know Harvey was a real loser. So in his effort to get his doughnut dunked, he started the Krishna movement, and based it on Hindu beliefs.

    They were based in San Francisco. Unfortunately, the group was celibate, and Harvey died without ever dipping his wick. They burn incense in memory because of this. A little known fact is they were really in the airports awaiting fresh bagel deliveries from Brooklyn Bagels for Harvey. Once he croaked, they abandoned the airport, and now hang out in Frisco’s Chinatown, often delivering take out.

    The Moonies were named after their fondness for hanging their butt cheeks out of moving automobile windows. No one is really sure where this started. But it is really fun! I still like to do it when I drive down the Avenue.

    Anyhows, the Reverend Moon, who was a Korean gook, not a Jap gook, was the first to get them organized. He actually lived nearby for a while, in Tarrytown or Irvington, I believe. They were a pretty harmless bunch, but they used to really piss me off. I would be in some local watering hole, charming up the hotties, and they would come up to you, right as you were going for the score, and ask if you wanted to by a frigging flower!! So how do you say no? It was extortion of my boner. Plain and simple. Those rat bastards. So I have no love lost for the pie headed little yellow man.

    What other religions does the reader need to know about? Mormons? That is topical. How about The Fountain of Hope? That would be a real money maker, Dear Leader.

    Your Pal,

  5. His world headquarters were in Tarrytown. He reminded me of Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi because when he was matching up thousands of couples to get married, he looked at me and said. “No groom for you!”

    So I tipped off the IRS about his tax issues.