The boys in the bubble


Iowans for change

Obummer lands in Sioux City Iowa and is undaunted by cold welcome.

This time around, the president’s campaign believes it can turn the Sioux City region blue by appealing to middle class values and highlighting the administration’s record of tax cuts for small businesses and families.

What “middle class values” do you suppose Obama will be appealing to? The elimination of a workfare requirement for welfare recipients? Gay marriage? Amnesty for illegals? Expanded food stamps? Corporate bailouts for favored friends? A carbon tax that will cost every “middle class” family $3,000 per year? The degradation of our military power?

Obama and his advisors probably think that Clint Eastwood’s empty chair routine was , to quote the major media, “bizarre” and didn’t speak to all non-coastal Americans. I’m beginning to smell a major upset, one unpredicted by the press because they simply don’t get it. Something is happening here but you don’t know what it is. Do you, Mister Jones?


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  1. Balzac

    “.. administration’s record of tax cuts for small businesses” ? WTF?

    More than half of business income is taxed on individual tax returns at individual rates, rather than on corporate returns at corporate tax rates. So when Obama insists on raising the individual rates, he is raising taxes on small business. (Partnerships, S-corporations and most limited liability companies, “LLCs” are taxed at individual rates. They are known as PTEs: Pass Thru Entities, whose income passes through to the individual returns of their owners, where it is taxed under the individual system. This is crayon-simple, but Democrats ignore it.)

    So: in reality, raising the top individual rates is taxing small business. More than half of business employment is by the PTEs. Taxing them, or threatening to do so, impedes hiring. They surely understand this in Sioux City, so Obama will seek to distract people there with non-issues like abortion, class warfare, “war on women”, ‘it’s not my fault”, blahblah…..

  2. Someone at ABC must have noted the hits the article was getting, and since it’s not good news for the anointed one. taken it down. I get this when I try the link:

    “Error establishing a database connection”.

  3. Front Row Phil

    I’m beginning to smell the same upset — a tsunami similar to the one that transformed the House in the mid-term elections. The silent majority will not be so silent. It will loudly proclaim, “Enough is enough. We want our fundamental principles back. We want our greatness back. We want our country back.” And so it will be.

  4. Can’t you just FEEL those “middle class tax cuts?”


    Well then.

  5. hmmm


    I am with you….the silence is deafining deafening [Ed] (someone check the spelling on that). Either way a landslide on November 6th.

    Forget the polls they are tainted.

  6. Anon

    An upset for sure. But which candidate will provide the upset?

  7. Walt

    Dude –
    I didn’t know stupidity was contagious, but apparently it is. And your readers have caught it from you.

    Barry is A LOCK for term two. The fix is already in. You know I can smell a rat a mile away, and this rat has his ass right up against my nose. Too bad the rat isn’t Steph.

    What you should be worrying about is what you do AFTER he wins. When the government assumes TOTAL control over your life. He already took control of healthcare – 1/6 of our economy, and will decide what health care you get. And people are fine with that. Morons.

    He has grown ½ of the population to be dependent on HIM, in the form of welfare, food stamps, and other government assistance. And he is advertising for more. They are the converts. The other half, he will tax out of existence.

    He is pitting rich against poor, black vs. white, atheists vs. those of faith, gays vs. straights, union vs. non union, right to bear arms vs. gun control and on and on. Why? A Union divided cannot stand, as George Washington said. Barry’s strategy is BRILLIANT!! And he is doing it in plain sight. BRILLIANT AGAIN!! AND WE LET HIM DO IT!!

    He can’t be criticized or you are RACIST!! The MSM protects his image at all costs. Which is why he will control the internet come term two. He was raised by radicals, hates everything the Constitution stands for, and is determined to toss it out the window, and reinvent the United States as a Commie Country.

    And he is half way there. When he wins term two, which he will, no matter how many dead people need to vote, this country will be a shell of its former self.

    Things like this blog will be banned.

    So it isn’t all bad.
    Your Pal,

  8. Walt

    Dude –
    Change the first sentence to “reader”.
    Your Pal,

  9. Anonymous

    Oh my, since I was listening to oldies rock anyway, your second to last sentence triggered a memory and I had no idea the name of the song “For What It’s Worth”. Is this the origin of your blog title?

    Yea or nay, it has an interesting background and so does the band.

    I’m old enough to remember it but I was only nine so I was a little young to dig deeper at the time. 😆

  10. anon

    @It was his idea: Twitter has organized today as Empty Chair Day, to pay tribute to the Absentee-In-Chief. Followers are asked to place an empty chair on the front lawn, with Obama’s name on the chair.

  11. Green Mtn Punter

    Let’s pray that CF is spot on and Walt is out to lunch. I like the Dylan and Buffalo Springfield citations, now these songs and lyrics are coursing through my brain. Thanks a lot!

    Whatcha all doin’ for ‘Empty Chair’ Day? Based on the apoplectic response of the MSM to ol’ Clint’s vaudeville routine, I would say his little skit did the job beautifully.

    You can be sure there will be a Dem imitator one night this week. Who could it be? So many possibilities. I am sure I have overlooked the best ones- I try not to think about them.

  12. anon

    maybe greenwich is sending malloy and his democratic henchmen a message: this bodes well.
    As of the end of July, Romney had received 1,285 donations to his campaign from Greenwich residents, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Those contributions total $1,897,789. Obama has received 469 donations, totaling $420,440.