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Terror brings out the bully in some people


The loving, kinder side of government

Head of Public “Workers” union kicks, slaps and screams at empty chair before throwing it from the Democrat Convention stage. Things must be scary down there if these pathetic, vicious union goons go wild over bashing a stand-in for an 82-year-old actor. I wonder if Dannel Malloy was one of those Democrats cheering the union boss on?

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How could they tell the difference?

Drunken California delegate ejected for impersonating Congressman.

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Chris Murphy admits that he’s poor now but vows to fix that

I’ll never be hungry again!

“I’d be the poorest man in the Senate”, he claims, but just you wait!

Next to a lust for power, poverty is probably the number one reason that propels otherwise ordinary people to become politicians.

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Panicking early

Jumping the gun and thus belying their nervousness, the Democrats are calling Paul Ryan a Nazi this morning. Usually they wait until the month before an election before using the Third Reich as the perfect (and fresh) metaphor for Republicans.

But since they have begun, can it be too early to replay one of those ubiquitous “Hitler in the Bunker” parodies? Surely not.



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Stop him if you’ve heard this before

More mush from the whimp


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It’s all about me

Obama to fellow Democrats: “le campagne, c’est moi”.

At rallies, Mr. Obama seldom urges supporters to volunteer — or even vote — for other Democrats running for office. Sometimes, he mentions other politicians in the room without noting that they are seeking re-election. He rarely shares the stage with other candidates.

“He’s ultimately there to communicate where he wants to bring the country and the differences he has with Mitt Romney. He’s not out there campaigning all around the country for other candidates,” a senior Obama campaign official said. “It’s not that he doesn’t want them to get elected, but it’s a campaign event to elect him.” …


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Obama should START playing the race card?

That’s what Liberals in the echo chamber are advising. Imagine how divided our country would be today if at the inception of his rule the Messiah had succumbed to temptation and fomented racial bitterness and class jealousy?


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Instead of hosting a party for the town maybe Ray Dalio can be persuaded to run our pension fund?

Greenwich Gong Show, Walter Noel, MC

Bob Horton: Greenwich pension funds underperforming by a huge margin, costing us millions. Worse even than Fairfield Greenwich Group’s return for the past few years – at least Walt’s not losing money.


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I’d add an empty suit draped over the back

It’s National Empty Chair Day!


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