In his own words


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7 responses to “In his own words

  1. Anonymous

    Bush helped create the $9Bil, but he didn’t put those promises in Obama’s mouth, nor did he make Obama spend like he has.

  2. anonymous

    Some entrepreneur should rent a mega-screen and play this on auto-rewind outside the DNC convention. If I leave now…..

  3. Dr. Robert

    This dude must be on drugs.

  4. gonzo

    Running a deficit can work ONLY if there is return on capital.

  5. All of you racist Randian robots will rue the day you mocked the Messiah! I’m making a list, and once Obama is reelected, declares martial law and directs Eric Holder to round up the tea baggers for the political reeducation camps you’re all going to be first in line!*

    * Note: I’m just filling in for Dollar Bill while he’s in Charlotte, selling hope, change and loose joints.

  6. Random Access

    Liar in Chief.

    CNN fact check: Net job loss 400,000+ under Obama:

  7. GWChase

    Probably thought it was money for his reelection fund.