Open houses resume after Labor Day

1333 King Street

Or at least I hope they will. As of this writing (9:15) there isn’t much on, but either the next fifteen minutes will see a rush of new listings or we’ll have to wait another week for home owners to recover from the summer and prepare their house for the fall market (a quaint, historical term referring to the time when house sales accelerated after a dormant summer).

One that I think I will waste gas on is way over at 1333 King Street,  a house that seems to have been built to the new sensibilities of Greenwich buyers: overbearing, too large and pretentious, but if that’s the market, who am I to disparage it? It’s on five flat acres, borders the town’s golf course and, of course, is convenient to local flight paths. Its price has dropped a million to $3.895, and the taxes are $31,000, which should appeal to anyone currently paying Westchester County’s robbers.

It sounds like a pretty good deal, if this is your style and preferred location, and I’m in business to move dirt, not impose my so-called taste on people. Besides, in direct refutation of Milton Friedman, it’s offering a free lunch.


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5 responses to “Open houses resume after Labor Day

  1. anonymous

    Convenient to local flight paths? It’s practically ON the runway. Gives the phrase “reach out and touch someone” a whole new meaning. My accountant is on King and when I drop off paperwork for him, the whole building rumbles and shakes. No thank you to 1333 King.

  2. Cobra

    Which school of architecture…”21st Century Russian” or “Northern New Jersey?” Bada bing.

  3. observer

    isn’t this the house that is clad in stone on the front side only?

  4. Don’t say “Westchester County’s robbers”. Say “Westchester County’s progressive social justice seekers committed to ensuring that the 1% suffers as they so richly deserve”.


  5. Artie

    Are fireplace inserts even LEGAL in Greenwich???