Wind turbines in Vermont – feed the rich

At 60-miles-per-hour, the loudest sound is coins clinking in the till.

Growing up, I spent much of every summer and later, fall and winter in Lowell, Vermont and so have a certain interest in the 452′ wind towers the state has installed on nearby Lowell Mountain. When I heard yesterday that the project was a complete failure, I was unsurprised but intrigued.

So I looked it up:

Opponents predicted exactly this result before the project was rammed through.

Everyone involved, except Vermont tax payers, has made out like bandits, with subsidies, tax credits and handouts (little sleepy Lowell is being paid $500,000 a year so their cows will feel better about having windmills on the horizon, though neighboring towns get nothing).

Renewables aficionados, legislators, renewables vendors, project developers, financiers and others clamoring for wind energy appear to have no idea regarding the costs and the impacts on the quality of life (noise, visual, psychological and health), property values and the environment due to reorganizing the New England electric grid towards accommodating wind energy and balancing energy in a such major way.

I understand that windpower enthusiasts were surprised and disappointed that so many people ended up feeding richly at the trough, and they blame “corporations” for that –  they’re partially right, but everybody piled into this boondoggle that produces no useful energy but passes cash around to the more-equal pigs. Friends of Obama aren’t the only ones who have  flocked to the Green Mountain State with hands outstretched, but they certainly led the way. What the propeller beanie crowd doesn’t understand, yet, is that the green energy movement is run by and for the benefit of the powerful, and uses useful idiots like them to whoop through their projects thorough on their way to the bank.

Religion trumps reason, always, and it’s the priests who grow fat.


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6 responses to “Wind turbines in Vermont – feed the rich

  1. hmmm

    but is it true that without the politicians the corporations would have a more difficult times getting rich off of scams? so somebody somewhere did something for someone, no?

  2. Peg

    Not always – but – usually, if something is worth doing you don’t need to toss a pile of government cash at it. Private investors will do it, because they’re willing to risk their own dime for the opportunity to do well.

    Politicians are simply passing around the largess to buy votes.

  3. Cos Cobber

    Really, FF used the same strawman twice to collect his lotto winnings? 🙂

  4. Fred2

    I keep ranting about wind, but it’s SUCH a stupid idea (on a large scale) that frankly anybody pushing it is one of naive and stupid, or crooked and evil.
    Since the time has passed after all the continuous failures for the past decades, only option B is left.

  5. I follow with some zeal the Cape Wind project. If they actually ever get erected, even though I won’t be able to see any turbines by the shores of my RI Gitche Gumee, or by the shining Big-Sea-Water, I am not a fan of the plan….mostly because the Big Green Enemy that is Greenpeace is for it, and for it big time. Greenpeace is anything but peaceful, and all about politics. Like their kindred spirit Sierra Club. Greenpeace’s support of this wind project was reason one for me deciding it was the wrong choice for the cape and Islands energy. Just read the crap GP put out in 2010, declaring Cape Wind a Victory for America’s Clean Energy Future.