Back in town but nothing much to report on

I was back up in Litchfield again – my, that’s a pretty town – so didn’t get to blogging or even checking the MLS hotsheet until just now. There is nothing of interest (to me ) to report. Those new listings that aren’t just retreads coming back on are overpriced, and what use is that? I have buyers looking now, and it’s annoying to see a house come on that might be worth their consideration six months or a year from now, when the sellers get realistic. Oh well.



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6 responses to “Back in town but nothing much to report on

  1. Catch a Falling Knife

    bonuses might not be as bad as expected this year on wall st – expectations have been beaten down pretty good

  2. observer

    yeah knife, and the bankers certainly deserve every penny. just think, they get to drive up to the fed window, load on as much free money as they want, and then get paid by the Fed to hold those “excess deposits.” that’s a pretty good deal for shareholders, so let’s pay the ceo $15 million this year.

  3. greenwich dude

    cf were you in litchfield the county or the town (and therefore both, i guess)? i love salisbury and lakeville and washington but havent been to litchfield proper. what can a greenwich-ite expect up there?

    • Litchfield the town is just wonderful – a beautiful green and streets lined with old (1749, 1808, etc) houses in varying states of repair, from beautifully maintained to … well, if they were in Greenwich, some vandal would tear them down. Not up there though, apparently. I’m familiar with one of the latter, currently asking $1 million which I doubt is realistic, given the amount of work that will have to go into restoring it. But at $750,000, plus probably that much again, you’d have a late 1700’s house, a block from the green, with a narrow but deep yard and a front porch to sit on and watch the world go by.
      Outside of town there are still fields, meadows, woods and lakes. Lots of artiste types but also plenty of deer hunters – I fall more into the latter division but, though you wouldn’t know it from me, the two types are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

  4. Seriously??

    You ain’t kidding, people pricing houses are seriously dumb.

  5. Litchfield

    I ‘think’ Litchfield has a comprehensive architectural plan for maintaining the existence and the look of the town center, so no teardown option of historic houses is probably non-existent.
    That said, isn’t Litchfield where Mike Tyson’s wife sold the compound to 50cent? I think they would be in the artistic category