I blame the Dutch

Democrat leader John Lewis* predicts return to slavery if Republicans win.

The Democrats, as every child of color is taught, ended slavery during the Civil War in 1960, when they defeated the Republicans and their Dutch leader, Abraham Lincoln in the famous Battle of Brooklyn Bridge. Mr. Lewis fears that that happy result would be reversed under  Republican rule, and who can blame him? Just yesterday his Congressional colleague Yvette Clarke fell victim to a dastardly plot by the Dutch Republicans to discredit and ridicule her, and Lewis knows that these people will stop at nothing.

* Among his many awards and accomplishments, Mr. Lewis leads Congress in the number of private trips he’s taken on the corporate dime.


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20 responses to “I blame the Dutch

  1. Anonymous

    i like denzel washington..one favorite line is from american gangster when describing life in nyc in the depressed early 1970’s ..”its every gorilla for his self”

  2. Anonymous

    I would call that a racist dog whistle and that the intended recipients heard it loud and clear. It won’t matter for you or anyone else to mock it, expose it or report on it, the message has been received and understood.

    Depressing and grim.

  3. GWChase

    An obvious relationship with the explorers Lewis and Clark – explains the travel budget.
    Wouldn’t it be interesting to try and turn each legislative seat into a profit center? Give the individual credit for showing up at meetings (what they get paid to do) and charge them for all of the “information gathering” trips, missed committee meetings, etc.

  4. Time to cancel your New Yorker subscription. David Remnick NYer Editor is on CBS This Morning and just called John Lewis “the greatest American alive.” No shit Sherlock.

    • The Time to cancel my subscription was about fifteen years ago and even that was long overdue. Don’t forget, the Times still refuses to return the Pulitzer it won for its reporter Walter Duranty, who proclaimed rumors of Stalin’s liquidation of 20 million Kulaks as “class enemies” to be completely false: he had toured Ukrain and the peasants, he said, were thriving.
      And Paul Krugman says that rumors that Britain’s health care system is killing people “is a lie”.
      Uh huh.

  5. Peg

    We all know that politicians of all stripes embellish and massage the facts a bit to make themselves look good. But John Lewis’ statements are just ….. ludicrous.

    That an admirable civil rights crusader and leader would stoop to this just makes me sad…

  6. Mike B.

    I call for an immediate Heineken ban.

  7. New Yorker Magazine. Not the NY Times. And here I thought only my brain was mush this morning after listening to Biden and Obama.

  8. edgewater

    capitalists keep funding the folks calling for their demise…[the new yorker magazine, the new york times and the democratic party being exhibits one, two and three.]

  9. Dollar Bill

    Nice straw man there, CF. No one, including John Lewis is talking about a return to slavery. That’s just more Teabagger dog whistling on your part, to appeal to the neo George Wallaces that populate your Republican party. No, what Lewis was speaking about was the systematic effort in 23 states controlled by Republican governors and legislatures to slash early voting hours, to put up barriers to the “wrong people” voting through voter ID laws with the very clear objective of dampening turnout among traditionally Democratic constituencies. It is an outrageous and utterly un American effort, and is reminiscent of the types of poll taxes and other attempts at voter suppression that Lewis courageously fought against over 50 years ago. Lewis is a genuine American hero, and your attempt to slime him displays how utterly rancid and revolting your Republican Party has become.

    • The difference between poll taxes, promulgated and enforced by Democrats, and voter fraud laws is that the former were intended to prevent real citizens from voting (once, presumably), and the latter are aimed at stopping well, voter fraud. See the point? Of course you don’t.

  10. Anonymous

    Dollar Bill is back!
    The EBT cards have been refreshed for the month!

  11. Anonymous

    not all who are within our borders are american, lets be clear.

  12. Cobra

    Based upon his typical projectile vomit/fecal writing comment, apparently 3DB believes members of the Black Panther party should be stationed as “greeters” at polling centers on November 6. Certainly Steadman will approve, as he did in response to the 2008 incident: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neGbKHyGuHU

  13. Dollar Bill

    I repeat:
    [From the Editor]: Yes you do, DB, so I’ve just eliminated the rest of your post. When you can find something original to say that indicates even faintly the presence of an original thought and you can say it without your constant, knee-jerk recital of perjoratives – I find “teabagger scum” particularly tiresome, then come on back. Otherwise, I think our relationship on these pages should end, because you bore me.

  14. Anonymous

    and thus a microcosm of our current economic and political landscape…when will everyone admit there we all are in a bind ….truth be told Obama has some decent intent on some levels but he is not cut out to be president…Romney is a stiff, but probably more competent and will be more willing to cross the aisle ..which was obama’s biggest failure (not doing so) ..its not funny anymore ..somebody has to have the courage to put their politics aside and unify the country…obama had his chance last night in my opinion and didnt do so ….he could have alluded to the fact that it was team effort in killing bin laden and mentioned bush favorably ..he didnt …hes weak, we all know it …i think romney is actually stronger than he appears and worth a shot..have a good day …and lose the anger, it goes nowhere

  15. AJ

    What DB fails to notice is that voter ID laws would effect Republican voters as well as Democrats, i.e., they would both have to present ID to vote. No one seems to be complaining that you need ID to drive a car or to take money out of a bank. It’s getting to the point where we need Jimmy Carter to monitor elections. Time to get rid of easily hackable electronic voting machines; time to put an end to non citizens’ and dead people’s voting, or maybe we should just let China or the Federal Reserve decide the results. Maybe everyone should have to dip their finger in purple ink as they do in other third world countries besides ourselves like Afghanistan and Iraq.

  16. Dollar Bill

    Voter ID laws would certainly snare a few elderly voters who vote Republican, it is true AJ, but the disproportionate impact would be in Democratic constituencies, such as blacks, Hispanics, and the poor. The impact would not be equally severe on GOP voters. And these attempts at voter suppression are designed not to combat voter impersonation fraud, which is bogus, and empirically nonexistent, but to ensure GOP dominance electorally. Just look at the state of PA, where the harsh new voter I’D law was touted by Republican legislators as “guaranteeing” Mitt Romney’s victory in November. Voter fraud wasn’t remotely adduced as a reason for the voter I’D law there, just a naked power grab.

  17. AJ

    What DB fails to realize is that most Republicans are no more wealthy than are Democrats mostly poor. Perhaps what PA legislators were referring to was the elimination of non citizen voting. Hopefully DB isn’t trying to imply that Democrat — not Democratic: the Democrats are no more democratic than Republicans — constituencies are dumber than their Republican counterparts. Listening to Republican constituencies such as religious fundamentalists and social conservatives, I believe that not to be the case. What’s more important to me is not who wins but that the results be true.