Little market activity of note

But what there was of it is here.


2 Owenoke

2 Owenoke in Riverside asked $2.075 and went to contract in 23 days at $2 million even. That’s in line with recent sales of comparable houses in this section of Riverside but this was perhaps even more tired than those others. If you want the low point of the Riverside market it can be seen here, because it sold for $1.7 million in 2010 and just look at it now, with nothing done to it in the intervening 30 months. Someone did well.

79 Valleywood, asking $895,000 reports an accepted offer but this one has been pretty much a done deal since it hit the market two weeks ago. Discussed then, it’s a great house.

42 Mead, convenient to I-95 for those wishing to sleep beneath the underpass, asked $849,000, dropped to $699 eventually and now has a buyer. Owners paid $560,000 in 2003 but added a new kitchen and other improvements since.

19 Desiree

19 Desiree, off Stanwich, announces another price reduction and is now asking $4.195, down from its more optimistic 2008 asking price of $5.595. Sellers paid $4.9 million for it in 2004 so this is looking good from the perspective of price. Not a bad house and it’s got access to the Mianus River Park but it’s just a tough sell trying to explain to buyers that a particular house hasn’t sold in four years not because its a bad house, but because it asked too much when it was first listed. Tough but not impossible but still: try to avoid this with your own home.

19 Heronvue

And finally, the EOS Photography Award of the Week goes to 16 Heronvue Road. Inviting at any price, at $1.299 this one just screams “welcome to the Bat Cave!”


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15 responses to “Little market activity of note

  1. Anon44

    I’m not understanding your comment about 2 Owenoke. The place looks spotless and perfect to me, not tired. Hardly seems like a low point.

  2. Anonymous

    We looked at 2 Owenoke and believe it was renovated again post the 2010 sale. Would not describe it as tired.

    • Ah – well, since it sold in just 23 days, I suppose the listing agent saw no need to mention improvements/renovations on the listing sheet – good thing it did sell quickly though because, believe it or not, some people rely on that information when deciding whether to even consider a house.

  3. Out Looking In

    You know who did well on Owenoke Chris….let’s see..3.7m x 5% = $185,000…ka-ching..hope you or one of the fudruckers (or Bro gideon) was on the receiving end of some of it!

    • Ah, hello? Do you think we drive strangers around all weekend because we love touring houses? Next time I find an investment banking working to make me rich, for free, I’ll post it here.

  4. I regularly check a blog called Bad MLS Photos, authored by a RE agent in Florida. It’s really funny. He doesn’t seem to get comments, I’m not sure why because his stuff is great, sadly real, but great. The Heronvue photos might be a nice addition to his homepage tomorrow!

  5. Anonymous

    Hi Chris- Have you been around Havemeyer lately? Looks like the house you commented on 22 Arnold is now a plot of dirt! Seems like alot sales / demo’s…going on up there what do you think of that area?

  6. Out Looking In

    All the investment banks are ALWAYS working to make you rich Chris. Don’t you listen to the commercials and read the fine print in the prospectuses of the “hot fund of the week”? And now they get to market hedge funds, in all their 2% and 20% glory, to pick at your bones…my point about the vig was the churn (much like we see on Wall Street)..and yes, the realtors did just fine…

    • The three Ds of real estate, death, divorce and diapers, have had another category added down here on the Gold Coast, Downsizing (banks, not old folks moving closer to the hospital).

  7. Out Looking In

    Unfortunately, I feel that pain………

    • Most of my clients and many of my friends (not mutually-exclusive groups) work in finance, so even if i weren’t one who recognizes the importance of Wall Streeters to the local economy, I’d never cheer at their troubles: too personal, too close.

  8. I thought the Heronvue house pic was of a covered bridge.

  9. RaisedinRiverside

    Maybe I spend too much time looking at the “low-end” of Greenwich real estate, but that Owenoke Way house looks gorgeous to me.


    I find it really intereresting when I have the chance (since I work non stop) to read your blog. Some of the comments, which may be productive, are good to read. When it comes to being negative, there is no greater place to find negativityin one day with all these short notes. This house on Heronvue, was owned by people who lived in it with a loving family and redid the inside. it is very hard to photograph due to the wooded surround, and by the way, everyone does not live in a Georgian high on Round Hill or the water nor is everyone handsome and gorgeous….I would like to think that in this difficult world we live in and the things we are surround by, that all of us take a little more time to be kind and non judgemental or at least think that some of the comments that are made, especially are your site, should be thought about twice. Look inside folks, to someone that hurt you and how you felt about it…How about some loving constructive criticizism, if one feels the need to vent. What happened to kindness and thoughtfulness and saying something nice…since one ever knows when it may be the last thing that we can ever say. This is not a big event in my life but I must say, I am tired of the lack of love and respect and kindness that is exhibited in our daily lives, not just here but even in our government lately. We all need to think more about just being nice….Yes. Nice and Kind and how about love and understanding. .

  11. 2 marks lot is the problem

    i know the family who sold 2 Owenoke. They did not do any significant work to that house … less than $25k and that nuber might be high … they did great on that sale and they bought it from a family that was under tremendous pressure to sell in ’07